Wednesday, March 06, 2013

10 in TEN weeks!

In our big beautiful family,
we are always celebrating life and love with our precious and growing bunch. 

We've been thrilled with the improvement of technology, always managing to keep up with our older adult children, and nine of our grandchildren, all living on the west coast.

Birthdays are something we miss being present for, so in today's blog post, please allow me to share the last 10 from our lovely bunch, all ten of them celebrating birthdays in a ten week span.

Here are our;
10 in 10

December 6th - Granddaughter J. turns 5!

December 9th - Daughter in law J. still in her thirty somethings :) 

December 16th - Granddaughter F. turns 3!

December 16th, celebrating the same birth date with sister F. above; 
Granddaughter G. turns 12!


December 25; Well, I guess I count in this ten weeks, still in my fifty something years,
so yes, this is me with granddaughter not loving the cell phone photo moment.

January 3, our oldest daughter A. is still thirty something too :)

January 26, our grandson M. turns 1!

January 29th, our daughter A. is still twenty something!
(great photo steal; snowboarding on Grouse Mountain, 
overlooking our former Vancouver, B.C.)

February 1, Granddaughter P. turns two!

February 10th, our youngest daughter turns 14!

And there's TEN in TEN weeks. 

Next up? 
Our youngest granddaughter turns 1 on March 1!

(Okay, since this blog post is LATE, here she is...)

Another whole year of more birthdays for the rest of the bunch are yet to come.