Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pretty purses all in a row...

Pretty purses all in a row

Ever cute!

(It's hard to see the purse ribbon because
it's black, same as my keyboard here)

Crafting with the younger children produced many exciting items today, a few were focused of course on May Day fun tomorrow, in all honesty - these were the hit of the day!

These adorable and sweet little purses were constructed from scraps of paper, a punchie and a brad poked through the center of everything. A bit of rubber stamping beforehand embellished the purse.

The grand finale for completing the little purse was the secure placement of one hershey's kiss inside for the lucky recipient of the fancy wee delight.

This afternoon, one of our daughter's friends came over for a visit and was thrilled when I offered her a purse to take home. And our youngest daughter is attending her Brownie commencement evening tomorrow, flying up to Girl Guides, so some will go to her leaders as little gifts.

Oops, forgot the green one in the first photo..

I took the first photo at the top and forgot to include the green purse, so there are two of the "pretty purses in a row"... both contributing to this month's total photo count on my computer...

I had a much longer post in mind to upload but thought this little one would suffice for tonight. I want to dedicate it to my blogging groupies, the ones whom I only know as "anonymous" from at least one comment posted HERE. I promise now that the "April Shower of Photos" is finished, I'll get on top of posting more crafty fun for you all. Let me know how you like it, and heh, even an initial would assist me in identifying you, wink.

April Shower of Photos : : Day 30 Finale...

April Shower of Photos
Day 30


I am celebrating tonight; yes I’m dancing to the beat of the “April Shower of Photo’s” celebration song as I cross the finish line tonight.

I’m celebrating the reality that I actually rose up to the challenge of posting a new photo (or several) each and every day for the entire month of April.

Always allow time for enjoying the beauty of flowers...

The idea seemed so entertaining to me, and as a bonus here, my husband actually reads my blog more than ever before, curious about which photo gets delegated and posted for the day’s assignment. In fact, he reads it every day, and is now inputting his own ideas into what I need to blog about, or which photos my camera should steer and focus to before shooting the pics from his viewpoint.

If you are a blogger, does your husband entertain the idea of placing “yours” in his bookmarked favorites? I feel so lucky to have my own husband loving the blogging world I’m involved in, and I knew I was up to this pleasurable idea Jennifer presented and challenged everyone with.

Alas, I hate to see the photo fun come to its close, though I have to plead guilty over remaining behind in other special posts, mainly written, though evidently not uploaded, just sort of hanging around in the archives of my computer.

Out my kitchen window the past few days....

My children were completely engrossed in this month long project, as my husband. Between them and my reliable friend - the camera, most were in attendance or tagged along everywhere I went. My camera was serenaded often, and was granted a placement of importance upon the upper corner of the computer desktop for a quick grab by everyone aboard here (though all the photos uploaded were mine...hee hee), helpers and such (wink). Do you have these in your home - helpers that is? smile

Here’s where I’ll send your jaw sagging towards the flooring underneath you now. I am so in devoted to digital photography and marvel how I would EVER afford to keep up with photo finishing if I chose to print off each photo ever snapped on my camera these days. I’ve uploaded all the photos for the thirty days of April, all 1281 of them! See! Told ya your jaw would fall, maybe just even a smidgen!

She was looking for a "pocket money" assignment. And she not only chose her own task, but also persevered through a cold snap picking a plethora of dandelions by the bucketful.

When the sun came out again today, many more dandelions suddenly opened up, overwhelming her for only a moment, observing the yellow polka dotted contrast within the much greener grass.

Yellow everywhere!

Actually, we’re down a few hundred shots this month when compared to others this past year. (grin) Good thing I’m a scrapbooker huh, a compulsive attachment to making memories. I am, I am.

Thank you Jennifer! What fun we all had!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 29

April Shower of Photos
Day 29

How fun it is to present something to nibble on while the children sip a hot cup of tea during schooling hours.

Italic penmanship and tea cookies, they go hand in hand don't they?

Not very sweet, but they love their little goodies with tea.

A time to trust...

A Time To Trust...

It appears so far this New Year for all intensive purposes; life has been passing by at record speeds. Seemingly we are an extremely busy family to some; though most people could never relate to why that is – part of our ongoing family lifestyle, and simply the way it must to be in our home due mainly to health issues.

I’ve shared before about the rare and debilitating lung disease my husband is battling called; “Mounier-Kuhns Syndrome”. Because it can be quite restricting we try to keep normalcy levels on an even keel at all times whether within our everyday living or during an emergent requirement. Unexpected glitches often visit our home, as in yours no doubt, often presenting situations requiring quick thinking, or emotional repair after the fact. As in many other years, this has been our new 2008 year thus far...

Daddy with one of his girls

When I pulled out my brand new calendar for this year, it offered much for a visual reminder of how life occasionally requires a clean slate, new beginnings ahead by officially sending out the old and bringing in the new. It was a brand new year after all, filled with promise. And it will continue to be that way, though not exactly as we originally had planned. For instance, we never expected a debilitating round of bronchial pneumonia to keep my husband bedridden and fighting for a gasping breath of air, especially when I was on the opposite coast at the time meeting my new grandbaby and unable to be there with him initially.

We never expected five weeks of chicken pox in the house (here and here), nor other assorted illnesses to afflict family members and with a suppressed immune system, we were aghast and worried it too would afflict my husband, and it did, though he only had a handful of chicken pox (instead of dreaded shingles) on his head.

We never expected intense issues in the west and other things requiring my presence twice, nor did we expect to be having thoughts at all of possibly changing our present residential location in the near future. For the latter, we aren’t yet but perhaps in the near future we may have to consider such a possibility when it’s time for my husband’s looming transplant operation to become front and center in our lives. The two hospitals of choice studying my husband’s rare lung disease have informed us that depending on the complicated nature of his future operation, it may end up being a requirement for us to live within the vicinity for a minimum of three months and up to one year afterwards, depending on many factors during the recovery stages as well of course. This would be after spending time beforehand in the local area as well.

These hospitals are hardly nearby, rather quite a distance from us so additional looming factors on whether or not to relocate to another area may result in intentional actions very suddenly. The problem is we have no idea which city we’ll end up in for certain so it’s hard to be proactive beforehand without wondering if we made a mistake by reacting too soon.

Everyot who’s comparing here anyway. eryone here,were thinking disaster just visited us againay living or an emergent requirement. ne at some point in their lives may experience a moment or a long while when a red light causes them to swerve or literally stops them in their tracks, rebooting them mentally to get back in to fine order, taking them to their knees while accessing the fork in the road stumbled upon before them. This has been our year so far, a lot of curves, and a lot of forks falling in front of us on our roads. As the future is unpredictable, how can we freeze when life seems to be upon occasion, running amuck?

We may always rejoice,
if we will only keep our
head a little raised above
the flood of human things.

~ St. John Chrysostom

Like a small child who falls in the sand, we pick ourselves up and swipe our hands over the dust on our clothes, while lifting up our chin and wiping the tears falling down our cheeks, while continuing to press on. We can press on by offering a slight smile for our wounded owies because we really are okay, even though we were thinking disaster just visited us the moment before when we fell. We distract ourselves from where we just came from. We continue to live our lives vicariously through our dreams and continue to tweak our goals for the future.

In essence, we try and try again if it’s something we gave a poor delivery on or possibly failed at. Life is like that isn’t it? How short life is to be spastic and ridiculously dramatic, offering such ridiculous flair for the traumatic nuances life’s curves offer us. Don’t get me wrong, some require the traumatic drama they offer (believe me!), and others on the grand scale of life simply - do not. When we step back, we may be able to discern how minor some issues really are, so silly and trivial when compared to greater concerns in our family’s lives.

Chest rehabilitation program work
looks easy enough, but for him,
it's incredibly tough to do these days.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
Only through experience of trial and suffering
can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared,
ambition inspired, and success achieved.

~Helen Keller

Why then do we protest so much when “smooth sailing” is altered by a sudden unexpected change knocking at our doors, attempting instead to pray and hope for a better tomorrow once the gale storm disappears. Perhaps it’s all part of the grander picture, one already ordained for us by God. Let’s reassess by thinking instead, ” One day at a time”, a popular and very wise thought for many organizations; so why not adopt it as a family motto?

With the winter’s ice hockey season over now for all of the children involved in their beloved sport, and other activities ending soon such as my husband’s chest rehabilitation program, he made a decision to meet with his superiors and HR department, consequently formulating a plan for a portfolio revision and a trial back to work attempt to ease his boredom and mental agony. It’s my humble opinion that men wrap their whole beings around what they do in life and what they are good at. My husband was always very good at his job, a senior management position with much responsibility, and his superiors know what he is capable of, willing to bend to accommodate whatever physical limitations would be involved for my husband to return to some sort of regularity during this trial period. They have been extremely supportive, and we appreciate them all so much over this past 16 months with my husband homebound and unable to be present in his office at work, remaining in the loop with work at home when he was able.

Company cell phone presence back again

At first my husband requested a three month trial; however with deep and sincere compassion towards him, his superiors instead offered one day at a time (our motto!), in case his recurrent issues with fatigue or breathing difficulties take over and he requires recovery at home again. With an oxygen therapy program in the near future, they offered to bring in whatever he requires to assist him during his return. They gave him an office away from the hubbub of possible germ pools, provided a case of surgical masks to keep him protected, and gave him a key to the private elevator straight up to the boss’ office so he never has to dread using a staircase. Knowing too about his looming transplant operation, they assured him they will always have a portfolio awaiting him should he feel well enough to resume his work career in the future.

Together, my husband and I have attempted to absorb everything; recovering from being so severely astounded by the sincere offering of support. It’s been a very emotional week; big wet tears keep visiting the edges of my eyelids, threatening to spill and send me into a spin for rest of the day. I must remain strong for the children and keep our home free from worry and anxiety. I find it hard to concentrate, my mind wondering in a hundred different directions all at once. Attempting to remain on task has been almost a surreal endeavor and daily occurrence. It all feels like a dream....

Am I happy about this decision? Yes & No, not especially but then I can’t allow fear to grip my throat and shut out positive ideas to enter into my heart. I am willing to think only good thoughts during this trial back to work period; however I can’t help but worry when recalling he’s already beat the odds of his double lung transplant by four years. We both feel the clock ticking. One lung infection and it becomes something critical. One lung infection and he could become too weak to handle such an operation.

Am I supportive of this decision? A mixed bag of emotions is working their way round my head. I have to offer a good outlook and I’ve been one of those wives who has stood by her man and supported him throughout a career often requiring out of town work, hundred hour weeks, round the clock on duty monitoring, and supervising many others in a large geographical territory, so yes, I think I can handle a lighter duty, a new change of portfolio and a drastic change of a work lifestyle. For his sake, I welcome it, and I’m a resilient person.

Is my husband juggling both excitement and fear? Of course! Wouldn’t you?

Are our children and both sets of our parents battling huge concerns? Yes, very much so. Fear is gripping everyone’s heartstrings, utter involuntary fear keeps everyone reaching out to one another, supportive and yet so frightened.

Are the doctors supportive of such a decision? For the trial period only for now, and then a revisit to further possibilities depending on how it affects my husband’s health, if at all. This is also how the physiotherapist, family doctor, and others in the loop feel. One baby step at a time...

Pulmonary function tests are regular occurrences

It’s complicated of course, with many various doctor appointments still on the calendar; respiralogists, nepherology, chest rehabilitation, physiotherapy, massage percussion therapy. There are also monthly blood tests, blood pressure monitoring from the lungs affecting the way the heart works, breathing exercises, other exercises, medications and continuous multiple refills, double die ct scans, chest x-rays, pulmonary function tests, and so much more. The calendar remains busy, which in turn makes our family one busy bunch keeping up with everything. Yes, compared to many, we are a busy family.

Stairs are dreaded by lung patients,
so here he has to learn to climb
them in a whole new way.

We understand there are many folks who want to just hold him tight, protect him by giving the illusion of becoming a human bandaid, never letting him go again, rebuking that no more suffering is welcomed here! Every day suffering is a commonplace for my husband, offering the sudden inability to take a simple breath at times, feeling the suffocating tendencies that can and do set off sheer panic in a split second, restricting his breathing abilities even more until he calms down again. Unless you have a lung disease, live or know someone who does, you could never know the struggles of such a dreaded thing my husband and our family endure from day to day.

They are hanging near the door now,
don't come over if you're unwell

In all honesty, I would trade places with him in a heartbeat if only I could, for as long as I could, if only to offer him a reprieve for even a day, an hour or even a few seconds, that is, if I could, if I knew I could just offer him a reprieve from the hardships of having a lung disease eating away inside of him, and taking away his lung capacity abilities. But I can’t, so I must offer him all I can in other helpful ways.

As my husband says; “I’m as good as I’m going to get, and because I know I’m going to get a lot worse yet, and have a double lung transplant to survive in the near future, I want to do something to assist me in retaining something of normalcy along the way, just like the rest of the family.”

Go ahead!


In the spiritual life he who does not
go forward goes backward. It is the
same with a boat which must always
go forward. If it stands still,
the wind will blow it back.

~ Servant of God, Padre Pio

We know there is much at stake. But, we have a choice to either live in limbo land and dread each new day, hardly able to get our feet on the floor each morning, hearts heavy and keeping us from enjoying anything pleasurable in life, or offer thanksgiving for the gift of a new day, remain normal as best we can and trust God for his bigger plan in the future for our family. We choose the latter. And here today, I am ecstatic to report that it’s now officially been one week since his return to work, and so far, so good. After sixteen months of recovering medically at home, he’s a happy man returning to work for his second week.

We humbly ask you to keep him/us in your prayers.

Monday, April 28, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 28

April Shower of Photos
Day 28

Like I've been mentioning often here lately, it feels as though summer is already upon us here and the abundant warmth of the sun has been enticing us all outdoors. What do we do while outdoors? Why we think of gardening of course, and flowers, lots of flowers!

Like a kid in a candy shop, this was my kind of candy shop this day, not some consumer location promoting the sale of forbidden delectable sweets held in fancy glass canisters, rather today's candy shop for me was a floral nursery.

The visit was prompted by the necessity of a wee bit of color for a few outdoor patio pots all in dire need of being potted for summer. I've already fluffed up the soil with a rich overlay of potting soil, so it was off for a floral feast for us today, well at least for me and my girl.

Isn't it amazing how brilliant and amazing the color palette is on such a trip to a local nursery garden? Once my eyes completed scanning the vast selection of colorful floral displays, it seems to me the most tempting thing in the world was to choose much more than was noted on my wish list this day.

Wouldn't it be great to be blessed with seasonal "gift cards" to such places in advance, but honestly folks, where oh where to begin with such a splurge shopping binge here?

Today, my young daughter and I behaved for the most part, but wait until I confess this is our second visit there this week. I (ah-hem) needed a few more items to fill up my last pot, and besides it was my daughter's idea to visit today while her older sister was in her horse riding lesson just down the road from here.

So, we browsed the floral displays. once more, and then my daughter wondered around a bit, suddenly stopping because she not only found the water/pond plants, but she was drawn to a sign advertising "Koi fish for sale". In a quick jiffy, she was excited about the prospect of owing the little guys and decided we should really just forget the plants/florals and buy a fish instead. Never mind that we have no pond to place it in, let's just buy a fish she reasoned, or several and take them home. We'll work out a solution she assured me, but you know, I wasn't going to give in, NO WAY! We came home with what we shopped! :-)

In deep thought pondering if it is better in sun or shade

Enjoy this photo visual of floral beauty, if only to remember the blessing of these things in our lives. Happy is the man who loves simple pleasures, and flowers are such a simple thing, so easy to love, offering us so much pleasure. Yeah, and I know it's much more than one photo of the day, sort of over the top, but I couldn't resist. Forgive me...LOL

A baby's fascinated play,
tugging at his mother's ear,
exploring ears, mouth, nose,
and the softness of her skin,
brings a smile to those who watch.

Lovers, even little ones like this child,
deck the beloved with lovely things,
tuck flowers in her hair,
make wreaths to bring her joy.
Mary, nourish my love for Jesus.

Flowers have an expression of countenance
as much as men or animals.
Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression;
some are pensive and diffident;
others again are plain, honest and upright,
like the broad-faced sunflower
and the hollyhock.

~Henry Ward Beecher, Star Papers: A Discourse of Flowers

'Tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes!

~William Wordsworth,
("Lines Written in Early Spring," Lyrical Ballads, 1798)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 27

April Shower of Photos
Day 27

There's something about the change in weather between the seasons of winter and spring. It's then when the sun begins to shine and the chill in the air dissipates to much warmer temperatures. All this week we've enjoyed lovely summer weather, highs to 26 degrees celsius.

There's also something this time of year that affects all my big girls! Each time we rotate to this season, someone manages to obtain a "farmer's tan"! It's a funny thing you know because they think they look all healthy and wonderful with their (painful) summer glow, sunscreen and all beforehand loaded onto their skin. But shhhhh, don't tell them, it's really a red burn!

Farmer's tan

Saturday, April 26, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 26

April Shower of Photos
Day 26

Twins photos? Nope!

The fleurs below are from my garden, and there are many groupings of these around the property offering their beauty, and a little bit of sunshine to our world. Today, with scissors in hand, I went outdoors to gather a bunch and brought them inside, placing them in a vase on my kitchen windowsill. Lovely!


In training

Another son is ...

"In Training"

Ready for another youngun to
commence with shared lawn duties

It's that time of year again, mowing the lawn with our friend John. Do we share the same friend, you know, John Deere?

Ah yes, with the summer weather all week, lovely yellow decorations appeared on our lawn and the wind seemed to be able to rustle through longer blades of grass by the end of the week.

Our friend John was returned to us after being revved up for the summer with a tune up and seasonal repairs. He works hard for us, always loyal during the mowing duties, all four hours each week on our three acre grassy property.

Oh sure we'd love to have animals, but we aren't zoned anything but residential here, a change from the early days of agricultural like our neighbor enjoys being grandfathered in to with their horses. Oh to have a goat! Or a horse for the girls. Instead John comes a calling, fresh from our barn to offer his assistance each week.

Training only takes a short while, it's
getting the rows lined up that matters
most so none of the cutting is missed.

With our daughter babysitting for the day as a mother's helper, her usual duty of the back of the property required training duties for our youngest son. He wasn't able to use our Husquarvana mower, it was just too difficult for him. However with our friend John, he's doing mighty fine work out there today, tutored by his father as he completes row by row in steady motion.

Yoohoo, can you see him all the way out there?

Our older son was out in force with the push mower and weed whacker roaring steadily before him at his service, and my husband is quite territorial about cutting his own front yard. By the time he completes it though, he's done - exhausted from all the wild action of bumping up and down and has to retreat and give in for the day, handing the mower to the other children to complete the task.

Riding a mower is tiring after a while for
this guy, so he appreciates all of his helpers

Wiped out, taking a moment, and
enjoying the warmth of the sun

Training a child to mow the lawn is likened to passing the torch to a future club member. This family club is something different from yours no doubt, truly unique too I'll bet. (grin)

Looking good!

Friday, April 25, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 25

April Shower of Photos
Day 25

As Peter Sellers would say, we filled up our "Birdie Num Num" feeders today... (grin)

We have had pesky black grackle issues here, birds who are relentless and hog our bird feeders. We were told in order to rid ourselves of them, we should revert to primarily using white seed, so all eight feeders were filled with ONLY white seed today.

It's strange to see the pecking order of the birds flocking nearby; the morning doves, the red winged blackbirds, robins, and even the Northern Cardinals fighting for a place on a feeder bar to nibble awhile.

But, those darned grackles have all but scared away all the wee birdies we love so much. Hope this works!

Our little birdie oasis, at least a bit of it is shown here. Just look at how much our willow tree has grown on the right side of these pictures! It's now taller than our maple tree nearby. Wowza!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 24

April Shower of Photos
Day 24

Okay, I'm off to read with my evening cup of tea now, and I can hardly wait to devour the two items below I've been savoring my moments for tonight.

I'm anxious to delve into the book called "Picture Perfect Childhood" by Cay Gibson, and my newest Victoria magazine. (Mom, this month's issue of "Victoria" has a cover that just screams you and your blue/white world. Hugs!)

These await me now, so my friends, I will bid you adieu

P.S. Sending birthday wishes to Dad B. tonight, hoping you have a very blessed and splendid day! Thinking of you from here... Happy Birthday!

Dragon slaying feasting fun continues...

Oh, to slay a dragon!

What fun we had in the kitchen today!

Many families are able to cherish a lifetime of memorable moments together, offered over the passage of time, blessings along the way from the unexpected. It’s hard not to allow our upper lip to curl up, subsequent warm smiles spreading across our faces for all to see when recalling past feasts and celebration in our homes. We have many stored in our hearts here, certainly like us, so too does your own family.

As the liturgical year rolls onward, once again yesterday we feasted with St. George, watching our playmobil dragons become slayed in imaginary play, taking time to read valiant stories of brave St. George, and applauding the completed artwork of the children. As I sipped a nice cup of tea last night, I took a few moments at the end of my day to read a few blog posts, stumbling upon several photo variations of an actual “dragon” cake inspired by Matilda baked in honor of St.George’s feast day. It was so well done with a delightful imaginative flair; I shared it with our younger two children this morning. When they saw her cake, and a few others that were posted online through the night on a few other blogs, our feasting moments were suddenly refuelled because they too wanted to make a cake like this.

Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for the project, though when I saw how genuine their expressions were on their faces, how sincere they were requesting to do this, I was sunk. How could I say no? Sheesh!

I’ve made many cut-up cakes in my married lifetime in our home, having been given an out of print book for making many cut-up cake variations for family feasting occasions. There have been so many fun cakes in the past, everything from butterflies, rocket ships, teddy bears, swans, trains, pirate ships, sports cakes, circus fun, Madeline cakes, Veggie tales, and so many more. When I saw this dragon cake, I knew the children really would love the challenge, but I also knew when they began begging to make one here, I thought of how fun it would be to pull it off, even the day after the actual feast day it was being used for. Whatever - no matter, was my first thought when those puppy dog eyes batted their eyelashes at me, how could I say no?

There we were in the middle of our schooling morning and I was on a rabbit trail, and a cake project loomed ahead for us. We began our initial preparations and I had to snicker when our son reached this time for his old IKEA apron worn often as a smaller child. Clearly it was too small now, though he wore it just the same. All the ingredients were placed on the counter alongside my trusty old mixmaster. At one point we thought the day was almost ruined when it appeared we ran out of one recipe item, but luckily in my food storage closet, another bottle of oil was sighted.

A bit blurry, sorry

Isn’t it strange how one moment everything is rolling along smoothly and the next everything seems complicated? I wasn’t expecting the children to differ on the type of cake to make; one wanted a chocolate cake, the other a white cake. I decided to solve the problem by offering to make both types, one chocolate and one white.

Getting complicated by making a white and chocolate cake

I did have excess batter after the children poured all into the two pans, so while the two 9 inch rounds cakes were baking in the oven, I slipped out our mini muffin pans onto the counter for the children to fill up. Heh, it was a bonus to have a nice supply readily available in the freezer for a tea party on another day.

Bonus! Making mini cupcakes for another day!

These two younger children of ours are quite proficient in the kitchen, having been involved in food preparation and cooking/baking since they were very young, and they have also taken cooking classes are our “learning sessions”, so what I thought might be a real tough task being at the helm of such a project, I was pleasantly surprised at their abilities and enjoyed every single moment with them today in the kitchen.

As the cake cooled for a time, the children tried their hand at making swords from kitchen knives, tin foil and Wendy’s restaurant plastic knives cut down into a proper width sizing. Good old kitchen scissors worked great to carve down and shape the plastic knives, and for the gold cross section to tie the two together, we used gold colored ribbon from our wrapping paper bin. These were used to slay the dragon by the children, and each took turns doing it believe me. *grin*

Preparing the shape of the cake before icing it

We aren’t really a family who loves the sweeter-than-sweet icing on bakery items; therefore our usual style is to fold in a bit of icing with whipped cream instead. I find using this as a frosting medium is actually so much easier to spread with a metal spatula; it glides and makes the task more simple and easy to spread. The only blip was running out of my green dye paste and having to use the liquid because we couldn't get the green color darker to make him look more reptile like.

It was fun when assembling the cake, cutting the pieces to have the dragon silhouette take shape and all, and the children were so thrilled with the whole process when they began to imagine how they would decorate the detailing ahead.

The children chose square chocolate cookies and a double row of spikes on the dragon’s back. It was funny to see them fiddle with the wings of the dragon and once placed in position, they preferred not to have any at all, and pulled them off the cake, repairing the telltale areas where some icing was smudged and then without even so much as blinking just placed the green fruit roll ups (wing supplies) in their mouths to consume them.

Heck, what’s a dragon without wings? Is he still a dragon?

Our older son said; “He’s just a lizard,” to much laughter erupting.

“But he’s our dragon,” the other children retorted in response to his suggestion.

The timing for such a cake creation was so perfect. Coincidentally we had another family coming over this very afternoon for a visit, mother and four children who would love to be a part of eating this dragon cake with us. When they arrived at our front door, our children ushered everyone to the kitchen, and quickly swung open the refrigerator door for all to see. Who needs words? It was a successful show and tell, with eyeballs bulging and squeals of laughter bellowing out from all of them.

Let the feasting begin!

What fun! Let the feasting begin! My only disappointment was not taking a photo of both families gathered around the cake and taking part in his slaying onto our cake plates.

Hearty thanks to you Matilda for your fun idea of this dragon cake. What a great day we had here!

Simply scrumptious!