Saturday, December 20, 2008

How silently. How silently....

How Silently...How Silently...

The Jesse Tree continued, even with our move. Yeah!

How silently the snow fell in the biggest and
earliest snowfall on record since the early seventies.

And, just to appease our sense of celebrating festive coloring for Christmas, I purchased ten of these red bows ahead of time and placed them up all around the home, both inside and out.

Wow, did it snow.
Wow, the sun did shine today.
Wow, how beautiful everything was!

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas everyone. God is good! We are so happy to have our pastor coming already tomorrow for dinner and to bless our home afterward. Yes! Life is good! All is well!

There is only so much I can accomplish on coffee shop time until we can secure an internet satelitte connection in our rural area, the only type of internet available. I'm having a hard time accepting the fee of 800.00 for installation, so please accept my apologies for the promised details of our move until another time.

God bless;