Thursday, November 11, 2010

apologies for the flood of draft posts - now published...

Apologies to the email subscribers of this blog, for I have been in a publishing frenzy, shooting out most of the "old" blog drafts still sitting and awaiting final send offs. I think I counted upwards to fifteen of them so far.

To those who read the blog through a reader, they shouldn't be appearing as they are back dated and would fall into time line position rather than on the reader, or even on the main blog itself online, therefore this doesn't apply to you. (Whew!)

It has been my aim to accomplish this wee feat, and my sincere hope is that you haven't been overwhelmingly inundated with so many posts appearing in your email box.

So sorry for this (blushing) and just a little bit of a warning that there are only a few more to complete to get the "draft" section emptied again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Blessings; Renee