Tuesday, June 07, 2011

First horse show of the season

Licensed to participate in Equine Canada and the OEF (Ontario Equestrian Federation)  horse show events.

Placed into a new division along with 18 other participants, competition and learning curves were around every corner.

Always smiling despite how nervous she was at possibly forgetting the order of one of the eight jumps in any one of her separate division courses. 

For her first time in this upper level show, she was real successful in not forgetting the order of jumps, and unlike quite a few others, she was never disqualified for missing one, or having her horse refuse a jump. Such a confidence booster!

For the first time participating in this higher show level division, she placed 7th of 18 in her best of the bunch. 

Congratulations lovely lady, you did great! 

Now rest up until your next show!