Monday, August 22, 2011

33 / 52 weeks

52 weeks of daily life in pictures:
trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane --

whatever is unique to the week.

Join me if you like.

Our many scenes of summer will again be most of the focus of this week's 52 weeks blog post.

We're taking advantage of this great season upon us as best we can; exploring, hanging around the canoe club dock, taking courses, road tripping for business and pleasure, meeting up with old friends, learning new games to play around the kitchen table, and so much more. 

Onward to the photo blitz below...

** It was their turn to take their basic canoe safety course, a three hour morning with theory and practical application. 

With original course postponed to this date for uncertainty of ability, all went well with myself standing by and our son volunteering to be on deck with the instructor. 

** Hanging around at the canoe club dock, there is always so much to see! Between the kayak course in progress, the dragonboat and rowing clubs were also on the water during the early morning of this day. 


Lapping it all up of course, yep, that would be me! But then, so were these two while watching our son in progress below;

The instructor was most pleased with our son, for he not only volunteered to be a canoe partner with a student without one, he was also beaming at the fact he would be able to perform the water rescue display of the day. 


** After happily tipping over his canoe, followed by the demonstration of a wet water rescue by two others, he was in his element soaking wet back inside his vessel. 

** Visiting with friends, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and good old fashioned round of table games.

** New to us was a wild and competitive game of dominoes, and wow was that ever fun! There are many versions out there, and we had a simple one we've played at home before. This version however took the cake! I lost badly with the most points overall, a rematch is on for another time.

** Great friends from our former area were extremely happy to gather with our younger ones when we visited with them again. The boys shown above had great fun together, such a wonderful time was had by all.

** The girls were all about the animals; the sheep, the new kittens, the chickens, the dogs, the budgie that escaped and flew all over, the hamster and all around good old fashioned barnyard play.

**These older gals gathered with even more friends over the course of several days visiting, (I don't have photos of them all though), and I have no doubt in my mind that they will always be BFFs from now until forever. Love this girl! She's like a daughter to me.

** What better thing to celebrate the day than to purchase a new coffee blend made specially for the area. I miss this coffee shop, with its classical music in the early morning and my latte and laptop before me. 

With a name not so common such as my own, it is always the sweetest of pleasures to visit with my dear friend. Between her and I was share private little funnies, especially when chatting on the telephone and having to say; Hello Renee, this is Renee....I so look forward to visiting when able, sharing stolen moments together with my itty bitty friend, always finding ways to bring joy and laughter to our visits. Hugs friend!

** Road tripping about we found the quaintest French Canadian towns
where all signage was labeled in French, and no English was to be found.

I was smitten having grown up myself in a small French Canadian community, and stumbling upon the unexpected little credit union find above.

It sure did bring back memories aplenty as I had once belonged to one of the same branches in western Canada, in a small French Canadian town where the language is still respected today just as we could tell it is in this one.

All this and its in Ontario, not Quebec! 

** A historical outing to learn more about the War of 1812. Visiting this fort at "Discovery Harbor" in Penetanguishene, Ontario , we learned much at this historic site, how it once used to serve as both a navy and military base.

Spending the better part of an entire day here learning about the original vessels, the buildings, and the effects of the war up in Georgian Bay. 

Of course there were interactive activities for all, this large checkerboard serving well for those who wished to take the time for having a game.

And learning penmanship using a quill pen after having to carefully dip it in ink. 

** History abounds in the east, and I am certain we will continue to find new golden nuggets for our history lessons both near and far. None of these outings we've been so priveleged to have will ever be taken for granted.

I can hardly wait until our next trip to Kingston and Ottawa where we will visit our nation's capital and parliamentary systems, plus the Fort in Kingston.

See you next week....

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