Friday, September 09, 2011

34 + 35 / 52 weeks

52 weeks of daily life in pictures:
trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane --

whatever is unique to the week.

Join me if you like.

It's been a bit, I hope this 52 weeks post find you very well. 

I'd love to share a few photos with all, those I've been able to get out and snap over the past while; 

a few bits of color, 
a few bits of my nature finds, 
and a lovely sunset to brighten anyone's day. 

** We inherited these super heavy concrete square planters which required a bobcat's bucket to move about two years back. It's been interesting to locate and find just the right seasonal floral colors for placement in there, such a vast area to fill without ending up blowing the bank. 

Of interest to me about now is realizing my experiment this summer worked very well! I purchased one 8 inch planter pot filled with a few flowers, and decided on which area to transplant them in these big squares. Certainly those wee plant starts looked mighty small at first, but with a few fertilizing treatments, voila, this is the end result to date!

I can't believe the other similar planters on the back deck are still tiny small in their original containers, for sure now I now a little does truly go a long, long way!

** Of Fungi and after monsoon humidity rain environments... 

It appears once again this summer that we have fungi on our property in all shapes and forms.

Here is one new to us on our property, and I've yet to look it up to discover it's name. Soon, I'll have to hit the books and get that done because our younger two children and I have joined a Junior Naturalists Club and I see by their fall schedule line-up, fungi is the main topic and activity while out and about during the fall hike.

Another view...

** This sight below is always a strange sight to me; small types of fungi growing in heaps on our bark mulch area of the front gardens near to the house. Very strange, but again we are told by the local nursery folks this is common in our parts. 

A garage sale perhaps? 

** Actually, no, we cleared the decks to present an emptiness perfect for rolling a fresh coat of paint on their surfaces for increased winter protection.

And then in promptly began to rain...

So the patching and spotting method remained visible, and the possibilities for painting had to await until all was able to dry off, sometime a day or two later. 

But it's okay. We truly needed that rain and the subsequent heavy morning dew on the grass. The monsoon though washed away rocks and bark mulch, and created some grassy flash flood summer freshness for our thirsty forest and its perimeters. 

** Our little bird houses have been a haven for birdie mamas nesting for a time and birthing many, many baby birds. They've moved on now.

As I snapped these photos, I fell in love with the fabulous survival and growth of my butterfly bush, one of three we hauled up from our former home. Two of them obviously never lived through our first winter here.

Hummingbirds still frequent, even a few monarch butterflies swooshed down this summer to pay us a visit. 

Lavendar is a such an exquisite color! 

Not only does our husky gal love the scent and beauty of flowers (she never nips them, just smells), she too is sporting a new "lavender" color, because we always felt with the local coyote population, if she escaped well one day, at least someone sporting a gun on their own property would recognize she is a pet and not one more nuisance coyote out to wreak havoc. It's become a safety feature to keep her neck area brightened up. 

Doesn't she look pretty? Even her owner didn't mind us ditching her blue color for this one. He liked it. He paid me back for it. Good boy!

** The blasting effects of tornado winds have prematurely blown many acorns off our trees. They are far from ripe, and once again we pick them up to ease off on a further explosion of chipmunks from appearing. Did you know they are worse than mice, that they can chew through concrete and that they can live in your home's walls and cause a fire by biting through wiring? We didn't but we do now. 

We've had ridiculous amounts of them, and there is something to say about owning a husky girl, because they taste mighty great to her after dinner when they get in the way. 

 ** There is nothing more promising as beginning our day with this marvelous sunset below, one of many we've so appreciated all this past summer. 

Sunny warm balms have blessed and soothed my very core, this one is a keeper for me. 

It was snapped in the wee hours of the morn as the girls were preparing their horses for trailoring to a horse show. With my coffee in hand waiting for the action to cease before me, my thoughts drifted and my deepest prayers were offered up and rendered heaven bound. 

As the dawn breaks into a beautiful sunrise, 
may God shower you HIS blessings of love 
and lead you always to the right path. 

Good Morning!

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