Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Intrigued by Fungi

As I've mentioned in a previous post, this year we joined in with other homeschool families and we've been participating in a wonderful junior naturalist club program. 

Twice each month, we travel to a general meeting location parking lot, found deep within a forest, and it is there where we join with the leaders who are seasoned Biologists and local Naturalists.

The first gathering was scheduled in mid September which was to include the study of "Fungi"

As a premature jump out of the gate to learning about this topic, after spotting a few fungi in the grass, we thought to scout about on our acreage, a day which took us totally by surprise for what we were able to gather here and study beforehand.

Our local library happened to have this book in the photo above awaiting and staring me straight in my face as it sat patiently for me to notice it on the rolling book return cart. Within seconds, it was mine. All booked out for one month! Mine....and was it every the most prefect companion to use for this topic study.

As each specimen was located, it came to the kitchen and lay for further study. 

Off to the fungi reference book we browsed to discover type, and fun facts. With  the exception of only one type, this book was a goldmine in this part of the country for their discover and accuracy.

We were taken aback when learning just how many fungi had been accumulated with just a few short days. There were so many shapes and varieties were lurking about awaiting our wildly excited discoveries. 

 "Intrigued by fungi" is the title I chose for this blog post, and believe me when I say, all were very intriguing, even fascinating to note their delicate natures and unique appearances. 

There was only one we all found a terrible dislike for, as it seemed to spit out a cloud of spores when squeezed, super dangerous for breathing into the lungs. However, the rest were wonderful to observe, sketch diagrams and label with species type.

Our study turned from making simple discoveries on our property in advance of the group gathering, to an entire biology study filled with thoughtful assignments, photography, and more reference reading on the computer and in our guide books at home. The library book companion though was a definite favorite which saved the day more often than not, such a wonderful find.