Monday, October 15, 2012

Anticipation; Ice Hockey 2012/13 begins!


- the act of anticipating, or the state of being anticipated
- realization in advance, foretaste
- expectation or hope
- previous notion; or slight previous impression
- intuition, foreknowledge or prescience


for an ice hockey player, 
all these things above loom in their mind,
there's nothing like anticipating the game with
a clean sheet of ice in view before them.


Our youngest son entered the Minor Midget division in ice hockey this year, a step up from the Bantam division he played in last year. 

They're the RED team this year!
Age dictates what league a player enters, and this year he begins three years to come of this particular one.

So excited to return to the love of his game, anticipation was at an all time high to get out and skate, smell the ice, and find out who all the players would be on his team for this year. 

Even for all of the parents present, it was like a reunion of sorts to be able to identify former players from previous years, all the boys reunited together again for this year's play. 


Even one boy's Italian grandmother whom we had met two years ago, the hockey transporter of her grandson, well, she was quite happy to be in the midst of familiarity, and be happily invited to pull up a chair and watch with us through the glass windows high above the ice. 

Our ice hockey league voted last year and the vote pendulum swung to omit anything akin to contact and body hitting, most of the players super unhappy as a result of that vote. So, instead everyone was trying to be creative in their approach to swiftly grab the puck from a fast paced opponent heading to their net. 

Lots of hooking, nudging, and several penalties later, these boys on our "red" team won the game 6-1. Their goalie was a fabulous player! 

 In fact, all of the boys on the ice, no matter what team, were thrilled to be BACK in their game. 

Here we go!  

It's going to be a GREAT ice hockey year!