Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ten Things I'm Thankful For - Autumn edition...

Ten things. 

Ten itty bitty things are included here; just like a bitty drop of sand picked up washing through our fingers while resting at the water's edge, one can only imagine how many more handfuls we can recall, and offer plenty of thanksgiving for every single day.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this weekend marks our Canadian Thanksgiving, and our birthday girl will share the festivities of the exact same day this year! 

Twenty. So young, and yet that's it for the teen years, and onto full onboard adult everything. I'm confident she is already fully there with baby and all, just a remarkable gal that one. 

My list is l-o-n-g this past while, so very lengthy! And for that reason alone, I'm going to switch up my usual original format below by including thoughts and photos as I think of them, with a quick and simple upload. 

As usual they come in no particular order at all... so bear with me if you please.  

Oh, and p.s., some of the photos aren't great as they were snapped on my iphone camera. But, on the brighter side, I have them! Yay!

I am thankful for;

 1- Smiles found in unexpected places, like when Tim Hortons celebrated their "smile week" by decorating their cookies and donating proceed funds to their special charities.

 2 - New neighbors whose home is poking through the forest edge who will prove to be a great addition to our area. I can't wait until they move in! 

3 - Our four new patio chairs which I have chosen to leave out for another few weeks yet. What a cozy area to waltz out to from the kitchen doors, a great spot for sunshine kisses and fresh air moments.

4 - Our tree faller, who came, who cut, and who cleared all away in an eight hour window of time. He fell trees that looked healthy until one looked up and noted the top halves completely dead, about to fall, perhaps on someone while passing by in the dead of winter. 

Safety reigns high here, so they came down. He also trimmed many branches leading pesky chipmunks and squirrels onto our rooftop on the side of the house, and now that dead hemlock tree out back is forever gone. Thrilled! 

5 - Science experiments in the kitchen are back! I was enthralled by how well she took to this new science textbook, and how much she just loves it! 

6 - An impromptu invitation to ride horses with friends at the barn. Our daughter has grown so tall this past year that she is now officially (and sadly to her) grown from riding the ponies at the barn. These days, it's all about Ozzie the big black horse in the center of the three. Her two good friends are still riding their special ponies, but the one on the far left graduated to our daughter's past horse show pony named Chester. All are happy! 

Another impromptu ride, a "spot lesson" that so many of the girls are taking as an optional class on Saturday mornings, those gals who have spent an individual, intensive half hour with their coach pointing out all the weaknesses each should work on. The line of trees in the background caught my eye, so much color over there! 

7 - Hide and seek with our youngest grandbaby. Oh there you are! (She's rolling folks, uh boy she's really rolling around everywhere these days! :)
 There's also been other fun things that make us laugh, and giggle, and find most precious with this youngun.

 8 - A renewed interest in daily piano playing for the younger two fills our home with music, sweet, sweet music these days. Yippee! 

9 - Surprise photos on my camera! After perusing a lovely website for a braiding tutorial with our younger daughter, she's been hard at work practicing on her own hair. I found this self snapped photo on my camera, proof that she's doing a great job so far. 

10 - Autumn changes in our kitchen; I'm NOT going to celebrate shorter days and our time savings rollback coming soon, however I will celebrate having our return of candlelight dinners. 

Homemade leek and cauliflower soup, with freshly baked scones make for a lovely stick-to-the-ribs evening meal when everyone is home together. 

And then, of course, there are the new to me cookbooks I'm trying out from the library to peruse, list recipes to try, and make grocery lists from. I already know I want the whole grain cooking one for sure. It's just fantastic! 

There you have ten things I'm thankful for this Autumn, with many more behind the scenes not mentioned yet here. 

Oh, sure, as always and forevermore, there will certainly be more to come.

A final note, something I'm very, very thankful for that I'm at last sharing here in the hope someone else may find this useful. 

I'm so grateful for my health, which is vastly improving. The discovery of being estrogen dominant has made me miserable for over a year, or more. Add to that a few womanly complications resulting in a fast slide to anemia, and a hypo-thyroid issue, and it all makes for a recipe discomfort. 

But now, I have good news; for the past three months I have conquered all of these areas of concern while in the capable hands of a GREAT Naturopath, who has really made my life a whole lot better, in more ways than one! 

I am a NEW woman since first attending my Naturopathic doctor. I am. He has boosted me into normalcy again, and I credit him with literally saving me from my earlier misery. 

I am making my health, my nutrition, and that of my family's a higher priority than ever now! My husband also frequents the same doctor, and though it's slower going for him, I cannot imagine not having been introduced to his recommendations, the estrogen detox of body and liver, the IV's that have infused my body with goodness, and the glutathione, a super antioxidant which will hopefully grant me protection from illness. A mother cannot afford to suddenly become unwell. I'm just so impressed! Can you tell?