Friday, December 28, 2012


One evening, a text came in on my cell phone; Could I please have my husband call him soon?

Patience fast became a virtue when plans went awry, my husband ended up very suddenly unwell, and in hospital during that same timing.
A few days later, all secretly met at a coffee shop for conversation, eventually warranting in a full parental blessing towards what was to come. And then, we waited...

Finally, just over a month later, after all the older adult children and grandparents, were telephoned by him to announce the upcoming event, plans unfolded, resulting in one very surprised daughter!   

We weren't told any more "details", better that way not to give it away at home. Their 2 year boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary was imminent (you know how kids these days do that), dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant were booked, and our daughter was instructed to "dress up". 

Not only was the restaurant notified ahead, flowers/chocolates/teddy bear, (and friends' delivery of flowers) to the special location, occurred ahead of time. The owner of the restaurant secretly had some champagne chilling for them later on. 
Once the two arrived home after their "special evening", it was very sweet to listen to both recounting their memorable dinner date. 

Our daughter had permission to share a beautifully written poem which was read to her over dinner, the one he had so tenderly and sweetly penned, the one that tipped her off just before he began lowering to one knee right there in the restaurant. 

In awe, and feeling all sappy, I caught myself misty eyed, and marveling over the eloquence and beauty of the written words captured in the poem itself. Warmly impressed too, as the entire evening was very thoughtfully well executed.   

As per usual for me, I corralled them for photos, and their beaming faces glowed on for hours, obviously showing their incredible happiness as their future becomes more solidified in the months ahead. 
Wedding plans are not yet in place, much is already happening in their young lives with our future son in law taking his catechism lessons, also hoping to be baptized at Eastertide, and our daughter is almost off her maternity leave with the looming prospect of having to return to work for a time. Maybe in the early autumn time is what they've decided.
Congratulations to our engaged couple. 
God bless you both!