Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas to you!

 Our happenchance, delicious autumn, 
quick (!), they're-all-home-type of family photo...

It's been some time since posting on this blog. 

Life happens at the best of times, and google reader was acting very strangely beforehand. Just imagine if you will, a plethora of posts suddenly showing up in your reader, when in fact, all were written with a span of several weeks between the first to the final one showing up there. Crazy. Anyone else have that happen to them?

My "one little word" for 2012 was "courage". What a perfectly suitable word for what turned out to be, a courageous and challenging year! 

It's a year surely all would have reservations over for repeating, a year filled with the sweet and savory when life collides with heartache, when blessings are still sprinkled in the bittersweet moments of heartache, and extended and present family knits and binds together tightly, to safely sail and navigate through rough choppy waters.

But, we made it to the present, as these days of continued winter ahead begin to forecast this 2012 year's gentle ending. 

 Goofs all...

I'm so loaded with many photos that I'm hardly able to figure out where to begin in my posting again. That I know to be true after sorting, and creating many special photo gift items for Christmas presents this year. 

Those types of gifts are truly, truly, truly a humongous labor of love, especially when attempting working from home when it provides hours of intensive refreshing on a photo load, and then hubby decides a coffee shop high speed intervention is necessary for his wife to keep her head about her. True story... sigh... Little did he know, two gifts I was working on were for him, so thank goodness he shooed me out the door and didn't ask any questions. 

I love mentally walking through monthly photo folders for a fast tracked memory surge through the year. There rests evidence in a life well lived, even through turmoil and grief, and rich blessings were definitely twined in the mix.

Often times a bit of discouragement plays a role in our physical awareness, so glancing back at those photos is a real cure for the wintry blues. Besides, it makes me smile. It makes my heart sing. It makes me grateful for everything in my life. 

Thank you Lord for my camera, and when it's not with me, for my iphone with replacement camera. And, now I intend to begin posting more. If I can only manage to get the 37 post drafts up and gone, that indeed would be wonderful. Wish me luck. ...smiling...

Taking a moment today, to wish you all much joy, peace and love of family this Christmas season, with the prospect of a very hope filled, and brighter than bright 2013. 

Merry Christmas to you and your family, from our home to yours.