Thursday, July 20, 2006

Golf Lessons with Grandma

Grandma arrived safe and sound, eager to get into the "swing" of things....laugh. After a couple days of rest, she discovered a nine iron the children used occasionally in the garage.

Not ever at a loss for golfing supplies here, we literally have copious amounts of those little white (smacking) spheres to grab and set onto tees, treasures the children sell on the roadside courtesy of those flying into the yard from golfers at the nearby golf course. She noticed the children out there smacking their golf balls, and always one to join in the fun, she and two of the children paced about the back field, almost playing a round of "best ball" together, at least the way it looked from my lens, and hubby's while he cooked up dinner on the BBQ.

Though the selection of "irons" is limited, she vowed to get out there each day and get more into the swing of things as the visit continues.