Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A lovely evening with a spectacular view

Spectacular views gave the evening its natural decor

What a lovely evening for dining on the veranda belonging to a spectacular restaurant, on the roof of a building fourteen floors high, with a spectacular view for our background dining conversations. This was planned to be a very special dinner, one I reserved many weeks ago, to celebrate the milestone occasion birthday for my hubby.

Booking so far in advance, it was definitely uncertain as to the type of weather we could possibly encounter; though our date night became most memorable, especially with the night air consisting of a warm and gentle lulling breeze. It kept us cool as the sun began to set in the day’s end continuing high temperatures, yet as it caught our hair with its breezes we both felt ourselves begin to melt and relax as we enjoyed the wonderful evening together.

Peering often through the glass balcony railings below, we became interested in taking in the 180 degree view of the surrounding area below right out to the horizon. As the moments progressed, we were fully engulfed and truly mesmerized by the activity in the waters below (did I tell you how much we love being around the water?). Passing us by were many small boating vessels, none really in a visible hurry and the river large enough to prevent chaos with the traffic on its waterways. There were a few crazed jet skiers pounding the waves, crashing off into the water, and then anticipating more of the same after they scooted back onto their units. One huge laker passed by (hubby calls these "water cigars"), and even a few impressive personalized private yachts were drifting lazily downstream with the evening currents.

As the sun began to slowly tumble downward to greet good morning to the rest of the world, it kissed us goodnight with a lovely sky filled with pink, blue, and orange, turning all the diners’ knees to jelly with its canvas of beauty. Surely, as the stars crested and began to twinkle, this was an evening to remember. How lovely the scenery was before us, God's absolute palette of artistry for all to admire!

I was so thankful for the whole evening, as we reveled in our time together eating fantastic culinary delights, but more importantly, watching hubby smile and relax, and gulping back each and every moment with pleasure.

Happpy Birthday was hummed as birthday wishes continued to come via cell phone from family.