Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Robin Hood and the Archers

By fluke when first arriving to our new home, I met a woman at a meeting who happened to live down the road from us, but knew not exactly where she was once we parted. We did have a great conversation about books (*wink*), as I browsed her homeschool table of books for sale. I looked forward to meeting up with her once again sometime.

When attending the older two children's piano recital in May, I glanced over in the auditorium before the program began, and noticed she was also in attendance. Her two older children were performers in the evening's agenda, so what a co-incidence to share the same piano teacher.

At the end of the performance, while folks were gathering over coffee, she approached me and introduced her family to all of us. We found out where they lived, not too far from here, and several times since then, the dog walkers headed that way but no one was home there each time.

Two weeks ago, the piano teacher had a piano party at her home, so all students were present to play, have ice cream sundaes, and struck up friendly chatting; exchanging telephone numbers, and enjoyed a great frisbee time together at the end of the party outside in the back field. The piano teacher's own daughter was present also, playing with the group gathered and meeting all the newbies, our kids that is. She is the same age as the older son here.

Since the party, there have been a few visits back and forth with the two older boys to get to know one another. Imagine, another friend with all the same passions and interests in life, but not of hockey! Consider though, the friend's great interest in archery and sharing that over here with all attempting to use the equipment. Not as easy as one would think!

If at first you don't succeed, move up real close to the target!

Last night an invitation came to enjoy a visit at the friend's home, with more frisbee, game cube soccer, campfire, and fireworks in the back field for the fourth of July....