Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hockey try-outs

For the love of ice hockey!

When we first heard the news of a work transfer, one son was elated to know we were moving eastward, knowing full well this is where the hockey action is.

A promise is a promise, so when last winter arrived, he was once again thrilled to be involved in the local minor hockey association, thrilled actually to be there. Hockey season came and went, spring ice hockey came and went afterwards, and then finally, a late spring roller hockey season. I wrote about the summer conditioning camp he attended, so he was ready to try his hand at rep hockey (travel hockey here).

Day 1;

Tryouts began Monday evening for two hours. Our son was viciously pushed into the boards by a poor sportsman, to the point where the coaches cut the other player immediately from all prospects basically, from his display of bad play resulting in hurting a possible future same team player. Our son hurt his knee bad enough, he had to begin fighting tears, all the while shortly afterwards, rising up to play for the duration of the ice time, thinking surely he'd broken his knee cap. He bit the bullet and continued to play as best as he could, and was surprised to be carded for more tryouts the next night (last night). Grandma was in the stands and was able to witness his performance. Ice, Ice, and lots of Ice was necessary to get the swelling down for the next night's play.

Watching #11 white up ahead - our son

Day 2;

Last night, he figured he'd be cut for sure, one of four players younger than the rest of the super rep hockey, more seasoned upcoming players. After two hours of play, the change rooms were filled with a somber spirit, all young eager guys hoping for their second chance at one of the two teams being assembled. One by one the coach spoke to each boy, and one by one they filed outside to their rides. Our son hoped into the van, looking a bit somber. He closed the door, and let us know he made it again. Wahoo! He was elated! Over the moon really! To him, he was just pleased to get this far, but another opportunity has come his way, the coach mentioning he would be playing in tomorrow night's exhibition game, even after tonight's two hour try-out practice.

So, this is the way our life is at this moment. One day at a time for a young man who desperately loves the sport of Canadian sports - Hockey! We used to call it our "Hockey fever" and the fever is high once more.

Onto Day 3...tonight!