Friday, September 14, 2007

Soup's On!

Creamy cauliflower,
apple and leek soup...

While Grandma was here she was very interested in tasting the cauliflower soup I posted the how-to for in a previous writing on this blog, both HERE and a variations posted HERE

Gathering the fixings in the kitchen, I seem to have an impossible time making small portions, so our none other than “supersize” vats of soupy nutrients go a long way here, and this week was no different. For her I not only wanted to make a hearty soup, but also one with many nutrients to fuel her body and the rest of the family's at the same time.

For a twist on a classic ingredient filled soup, I changed my magical formula recipe to include a few additional items. While we dined at the airport’s restaurant in Vancouver shortly before our departure home again last month, one of the soup features was a “apple, leek and cauliflower creamy curried soup” and it peaked my curiosity to see if I could mimic that meal over here. So I added four diced smaller apples, and 2-4 tsp. of yellow curry to the brew (just shake and see how much you like in the soup). Just before serving, I stirred in approximately one cup of whipping cream to give the kettle pot of soup and rich and creamy texture, then heated it for a minute.

Though I’ve used curry before in my soups, lots of it over the years, I hadn’t tried apples. I think it became a new favorite hit in our home, and of course just as I mentioned before, homemade soup is always BEST the next day after it sits overnight in the refrigerator to blend all the flavors together. If making a creamy base, add your milk, or cream and then place into the refrigerator after blending.

So sorry I couldn't send any in your suitcase Grandma as you first requested, maybe next time. smile