Monday, September 17, 2007

A new horse...

She’s arrived!


Another horse resides in the barn next door, the horse originally anticipated before Oakley came for part of the summer season. This one however is a quarter horse, and her name is “Ashes”. She’s foaled at least four times that we know of, and even at the young and spry age of eleven years, she’s feeling rather playful back here at her owner’s cousins’ barn where her training began nine years ago. Instantly she remembered her new home, one where she’ll be leased by our daughter. Ashes will remain here now until whenever the wintry weathered months become too much for outdoor riding possibilities. With no indoor riding ring, it’s almost impossible to consider riding outside with snow, sleet and ice.

Thus far, our daughter has been enjoying her early morning greetings when arriving to clean out the horse’s stall. Being an English rider rather than Western, it’s seems to agree with the horse for daily riding with a lighter saddle and gentle coaxing into one of the two outdoor riding rings near the barn. Her last foal only weaned itself within the past few weeks, therefore she wasn’t available when originally expected, and delayed until last weekend.

It’s become “back in the saddle time” for both the rider and the horse momma, giggles aplenty from the sidelines when upon the first ride in the ring, Ashes decided she was only going to walk backwards and not co-operate at all. Forget trotting or cantering, she wasn’t going for that, not yet anyway. Our neighbor was the trainer for this horse initially, so they had it out, Ashes and her. I think she got the hint and after daily riding this past week, she’s back in her normal steed now.

The girls were sad to learn “Daisy” the two year old horse completing her training next door was sold last week and will be leaving soon. However, yesterday we news that Ashes two year old horse (not the last foal, the one before) will be arriving shortly for training in the ring by our neighbor, so it will be yet another exciting time to watch a frisky and bucking young foal attempting to be tamed and broken in right next door!