Tuesday, May 24, 2011

19 / 52 weeks

52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane -- 

whatever is unique to the week. 

Join me if you like.

Sending out apologies as weeks 19 and 20 are completely overdue. Although photos were uploaded courtesy of high speed WiFi from the local library last week when our internet ability went berserk during daily rain/thunder storms, I wasn't able to get this blog post complete until today. So sorry (big kids/ and our moms/dads) ...
It's been a busy time in our home, working not only on our property, in our home, new sporting beginnings, but most of all there has been much happening behind the scenes working with new contacts who share the same diagnosis as my husband's rare respiratory disease. 

It's been a definite springboard week with media and worldwide awareness growing for MKS via Twitter (mounierkuhnsynd is our handle). 
Spending time in a very lengthy conversation with a newspaper reporter, at last, the ripple effect has grown from the one article appearing in yesterday's (Monday) "Florida Sun Sentinel" health section article on "Mounier-Kuhn Syndrome". I'll offer more on this in a separate post later today...

Now onward ho, here's a bit of a recap from our 19/52 weeks...

Honored on Mother's Day by my husband as he worked in the kitchen early in the morning and presented this tray to me in bed. Well now, I was so touched by his efforts and I do believe that was a first. What a great and very special meal it was!

A poached egg, gouda cheese slices on toast with a tomato slice wedged in the center cut, cantaloupe and salami slices.

These roses slipped onto my night table and they were a gift from my son, along with the sassy card below and a full meal lunch deal in the kitchen later on for the entire family. Who says boys don't love their mommies? This too was a first around here, such good intentions by way of cards and assorted goodies all through the day from everyone.

I told you it's a bit sassy...

A walk along the water's edge on a really nice day, the snowy mounds at last melted and sail boats being hoisted with fresh from storage sails nearby. A glorious day, one could feel the promise of warmer weather fast approaching.

Our Canoe and Kayak club dock is in, and the schedule is posted. Now for our volunteer evenings to check out boating vessels to others in the club, and we too will enjoy paddles on the bay as a family. Hoooey! I can't wait to get out on the water!

Sometimes there are days which warrant a nice little siesta. This was certainly one of those days for my man.

Another Pony Pals club meeting had the girls making their own "lead ropes" from rope and a swivel toggle clip. Some of the gals will be dying theirs with their signature riding color, others liked it au naturel. No matter, I think they turned out just wonderful! 

They also made bookmarks which we laminated, featuring wooden stamped names and equine themes. I think the gals loved these crafts the most, all smiles and a bit wordless by meeting's ending. So cute!

On the kitchen table were an assorted bunch of flowers all lovingly placed into a large vase. These were from my husband, just because....reminders of spring, beauty in abundance.

Week 20 is uploaded and going to publish very shortly. 

Have a wonderful day! 

Please be patient with me, I'll be right back. 

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