Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of varying types of driver's licenses

Just as in our former province, there is a graduated license system for young people to obtain their motor vehicle driver's license. 

I'm very thankful this week as our older daughter has finally established a final testing date for obtaining her G2 license. The G2 allows her to drive on her own, without an adult present in the vehicle with her, and the imposed curfew times are lessened. 

After two weeks healing from a wrist injury at work, she wasn't able to drive, or partake in her horse riding lessons, but alas I do believe she is back on track. Never an eager one to get out and get driving, she will hopefully have her G2 now before her 19th birthday by slipping into a cancellation appointment to scoop ahead of the long three month usual wait!

There are of course also other types of driver's licenses. In our home the past five years, our teens are unable to write their G1 testing until they've had previous experience proving themselves on our ride-on-lawn tractor. (smiling)  It is great practice for them, learning to handle the machine, and moving in straight lines. 

Now that this daughter below is twelve years old, this year it's her turn to be taught the rules of cutting grass atop of the tractor.

After only a little reminder to keep both hands on the wheel, her lines were well done and my hubby issued her an invisible driver's license for this equipment. 

She's doing well and on her way folks, soon though it will be in a motor vehicle.