Friday, May 27, 2011

Prom night...


At long last, this night has come, about a year delayed for this daughter - her long awaited prom night is now here.

The theme for this year's Prom is "Elegant Hollywood", so much better than the "Bollywood" first mentioned which was to be the promotional theme.

Selections were few and far between for something fitting into the specific themed category, something elegant of course, but for our self professed tomboy, she was quite fussy when shopping for such a dress. 

I suppose if luck was on our side, my initial thoughts of actually dreading the shopping excursion with/for her to locate such a feminine item turned out just perfect. We were thrilled to find this dress soon after hitting up one of the outlet stores nearby. Within an hour of leaving home, the dress was sold, and bagged in her hands. 

And she likes it! 

And best of all....she looks quite like an exquisite (and elegant) young lady in it!

Even if she didn't desire much for makeup, no lipstick and certainly not a necklace, other accessories were welcomed, a gorgeous hairdo was had, so most definitely there was a simple and yet stunning elegance present this day! I thought the long white satin gloves and short jacket she tried on with it at first were smashing, she thought it was all too much. Oh mom....but she did like them, she did.

Truly she did. (wink)

"My other already chosen pink jacket will do", she said.

If there's such a thing as a danger to a mother when her heart begins swelling too much, that would have been me, though a happy swelling at that. 

My goodness, my heart about burst shortly after snapping these photos, with not only our daughter all decked out for prom and the happy excitement she was able to share with her friend (also dressed up, a first for him), but also to have our son (he's taking his gal friend to her same prom night, the four of them together for the evening) involved and summoned in for the photos with them made it all just precious. 

Super heart swelling - let me tell you!

And then they asked for photos alone together, brother and sister so pleased with their soon-to-be excursion for the dinner/dance evening. 

And next, as something very typical and so ordinary, the three of them all wanted photos together. I snapped on two cameras and three cell phones, and you can bet all of the photos were off into cyberspace very shortly.

So Nice.

I. Like. This. Bunch.

Behind every photo there is truly a story.

Behind the photo above is a story about his new suit. Not able to attend his own prom last year because the family was traveling to Europe to visit with elderly relatives, this was sort of a prom for him too. 

Off he went to price out a suit, shirt, tie, belt and shoes, summoning up the courage to part with such an amount of money when he was a jean and lumberjack jacket type of young man. Once at the cashier, it was a scratch and save day, so after scratching his card all of the ladies were shocked, thought not as much as he was! He ended up with three 50% off numbers, his entire booty ended up a mere pittance of the original tally.

He is now the proud owner of some fairly fancy attire, and quite proud to be able to wear it to accompany our daughter to her prom.

My husband was not at home when all the photos were being snapped, then suddenly there was a call and this was the scene above when the phone was for our young man friend. My husband gave him the evening expectation parameters; drive safely with our precious cargo, be a perfect gentleman, have her home on time, you know the drill...too funny.

How beautiful these two lovely young people are..

A perfect gentleman, he opened the door for her, and then even helped to tuck her dress inside.