Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Forging trails...again

Forging trails again, this time we brought in the "big boy", rather than traipse about with handheld equipment and half a chance of all growing back like they did every year thus far. 

It was so exciting to watch my hubby (who is experienced at using this bobcat), carve out a whole new frontier. He would say; "Where to next honey?", and I would point and watch my hubby trailblazer roar through trees, stumps and forest debris. 

I love to have a walk every evening before dinner, just to enjoy the peaceful serenity of waltzing about, so appreciative of this piece of property we own. There is so much we are continuing to discover within the prickly brambles, and forest denseness. I'm loving it! 

 Friends are assisting us in clearing the forest floor of multitudes of fallen trees, some having been there for obviously a very long time. 

Happily, they are foraging, yanking and using their chain saw to haul them away, approximately 3-4 cords of wood when all might be said and done. They use wood stoves to heat their home, and are thrilled to be able to come and collect all they can for their next winter's supply. 

They are happy. We are happy.  Everyone wins...even with the sweat and hard work it takes to complete this project.

And then, the neighbors heard about our "great trails" out yonder. Very soon after forging them, this ATV made its way onto the property, and the safety lessons and riding began. Woohoo! 

Guess what's on his wish list now? 

A summer job perhaps? You got it! But then, wouldn't it be great to keep these trails used often so we never have to forge paths like this year again? Oh yes!

Don't be fooled though, trails may be forged but the work had just begun! 

...more to come....