Friday, May 11, 2012

In spring, these are some of the things on our property

One of the many resident downy woodpeckers, but this one was pecking away at a lovely hemlocks nearer to our home. 

I am so disappointed to realize this tree died over the winter, one of the ones I used to hang up our hammock last summer. boohoo... We figured all that soil pushed up against it when the house was built, had a lasting effect to smother it to this sickly end. 

At least we still have 41 of these particular trees about the property, but really...STILL! I liked this one! boohoo..

There's nothing like a crystal blue sky, and blossoms exploding on every tree, bush and flowering item around our property. 

Yes, we can certainly "smell" spring coming...

Creatures are flocking to our property for a springtime visit once more, everything from small animals, and many types of insects too. 

I especially don't enjoy the hoards of black flies circulating about me on a forest clearing day. There's nothing like a few landing on my warm glistening arms while working a gas device with both arms.

We have several of these - black cherry trees, apparently quite rare and in great demand.

There's something about the onset of spring, new growth, new life and the prospect of a sunny bright day when rising from a deep night's slumber.

Our temporary resident watched us for a week's span of time, from high above his perch up in one of our trees. 

I had to try and figure out just "what it was" at first, and the only way to accomplish that was to use the zoom on my camera or the binoculars. 

I knew they were around our area, just not seen one on our property yet. Until now... But, alas perhaps we scared him away with all the racket we've been making, because he's vanished from our sights. 

Dozens of these butterflies are floating about right now. 

They seem to love our dandelions, the ones I worked real hard on in my attempt to thin them out, while using a corn gluten feed supposedly rich enough to kill them. Ha! They are still here! And in huge abundance. 

The blessing offset has been the beauty and simple pleasure of watching the dozens of butterflies all over the place. 

Here is Mr. Porcupine once more, and just take a look at his claws! 

Yikes! I sure wouldn't want to meet up with him on a forest night walk.  Not that I would walk back there on those trails at night of course...

Well that's about it for today. I hope you've enjoyed my little tidbits here, about our life amongst the Boreal Forest surrounding our property out back. 

I love carrying my camera around with me, in the hope of discovering daily treasures of seasonal changes, especially the simple, and little things most folks wouldn't even pay any attention to. 

Happy Spring!