Monday, May 28, 2012

Watching a hockey game with my Grandpa

When the moment is directly before you...snap a photo! 

Okay, so in our home, ice hockey is not just a season, it`s a lifestyle. With four boys skating up the ranks of hockey levels throughout the years, and the girls also playing for sport, all continue to declare the love of the sport. 

When one son was temporarily away from the ice, choosing the sport of golf instead, he claimed he missed `the smell of the ice`, which left me speechless. Did you know the ice has a distinct odor calling all hockey players to bring their sporty blades to it, nope me either. 

Over the hockey seasons, all ages within our family have taken time to watch the television screen, mostly keeping up with our favorite teams. We have a fondness for the `Vancouver Canucks`, our home team from before our transfer east. 

So, imagine this scene if you will; it`s the beginning of the end of season hockey playoffs. The Vancouver Canucks are on the screen, and our grandbaby wants to hang out with her grandfather. First though, her mommy dons her with a hand me down team jersey from her baby cousin, and the stage is set with her noticing some of the action before her. She looks riveted, doesn`t she...

Cute as a button, our daughter decides to take photos of her propped up on a pillow in her jersey. I pass by behind them and realize, what a great photo it would make to capture the essence of that full scene. Very cute. 

The Vancouver Canuck team didn`t fair as well as previous years this season, but the team sporting clothing still gets worn. Maybe next time Canucks...