Saturday, April 06, 2013

OUR new horse!

All of the boarders and their horses have now gone. They've left for other pastures, and the fields are beginning to be tilled and tended to by the new owners. 

As for the barn happenings, there are only nine horses out of thirty remaining, two of whom are still for sale.

A surprise happened last month. Yes, a HUGE surprise. I'm sure you know what I'm about to announce, the title of this post an obvious leak to the news.


WE, my husband and I, are now owners of a horse of our own! Long story short, with all of the barn horses now mostly sold, and if our daughter wants to remain as a rider over summer there, or show at all this upcoming show season, the horse she had bonded to for it all to happen (Aussie), became available for sale. 

Actually, he belonged to the coach's daughter. While expecting her first baby and birthing her last December, our daughter was offered to train and bond with this horse for the show season. What a HUGE surprise to us when she decided to sell!

As each of the owner's other horses at the barn were sold, many of them meant for a more beginner rider anyway, once the news this particular horse's upcoming sale was announced, there was only one rider to offer it to who would/could be a perfect match, before placing an actual advertisement in the online horse sale section. 

Guess who that was?  

With a whole lot of discussion, promises aplenty, and a great big wince, we decided to bite the bullet and purchase the horse.

Yes, our girls are like cowboys. 
They have spurs on their winter riding boots.

Buyers remorse has rolled through my mind at least a dozen times ever since we committed to the sale, but now here we are still pinching ourselves, the new owners of a horse!  

Let's hope for many ribbons this summer, to increase the value of this horse. (winking)

 The white marking on Aussie's forelock resembles 
the outline map of Australia, thus the name "Aussie". 

Since our older daughter also owns her own horse, one she purchased recently this past December, it's quite handy for both of our girls to buddy up when making their daily visits down the road to the barn, to tend to, and ride their horses freely as they choose. 

For the most part, yes, I'm babysitting while they are present at the barn, but their dedication and camaraderie so far is working out quite well.

So far, so good. And what an opportunity!

A few warmer days have allowed me to attend and observe where they are advancing in their abilities, grandbaby along with me

At least the horses are friendly and seem to love having a baby squealing with glee and watching their every movement. 

And, Aussie is such a great sport too! He was all dressed up for a costume show last fall. I'm afraid this photo below was the only one I was able to snap from such a distance that turned out. I'm sure you get the picture though. His tolerance level is very high for things like this. :)

Here's to Aussie, the thoroughbred horse we now own! And here's hoping for a fantastic upcoming show season for both of our girls. Oh, and a wedding too for one of them... Whew!