Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Aloha and Mahalo!

Celebrating "30 years" in Hawaii

After close to three weeks, we were able to leave the west all together yesterday as a family, our daughter passing the doctor's inspection with the timely ear infection she was diagnosed with several days earlier. She though wasn’t sure, insecure at best to experience the ear pressure awaiting her for the two flights ahead of course, then when complaining about her stiff neck and sore shoulders, she realized she’d pulled a muscle and a massage from mommy was in order. It was touch and go right up to 4am just before departing for the airport as to whether I would remain behind with her or not for a few more days, or whether she would attempt the first flight east, then take the train with me the rest of the way then, rather than flying again. She slept most of the way home, having no problems whatsoever. All went well, a great relief!

After driving 1 1/2 hours upon arrival to the east heading for our home, we arrived last night safe and sound, and enjoyed climbing into our own beds once again. After six separate hotel stays, a rented house stay, a few children overnight at friend's homes, and many flights of travel in between everything, it was time to come home. Some of our children woke up this morning and mentioned they had to "think" about where they were, having been in so many beds the past few weeks. (laugh)

Sleep has been difficult the past few nights as our minds are full of instant replays, the film reels rolling in slow motion, hubby and I taking in the gulp of each memory made and treasured from our trip with loved ones present, our oh so special and cherished family and friends. A hearty and big thank you to each one of you who filled our hearts with such profound joy and love during our time in the west, we are so incredibly grateful to you all.

Life resumed to normal easily here in the east, our first realization being we were so good about using up all the perishable foods before leaving on our trip, a grocery stop was necessary immediately, at least to get us by for a few days.

The rabbits, hamster, and all the fish faired well, though their cages/tanks are in bad need of a hygienic change.

This morning the dogs were already picked up early this morning from the kennel, but the men are out fixing the gate to the dog run and the large gate to the backyard area, as they noticed both had been severely frozen this past few weeks, snapping at the hinges in the cold while we were away. Never a dull moment I assure you over here!

After being climatized for some time with warmer weather patterns hovering on average at 86 degrees on the thermometer, we are cranking up the heat today and the fireplace is on. Snow flurries were upon us this morning though only for a short while, the sun appearing now and brightening up our day. Even with the lovely sunshine, we can see our breath before us when exiting outdoors, so truly it’s not just us, it is COLD here. Brrrr….

I’ll be back with much to update you all soon, as I’m in the process of downloading some photos as I type this up.

Love to all!

Thank you again!