Monday, March 26, 2007

While away, some came to play...

While away, the mice did play!

If you are familiar with my previous writing about mice in the country, you’ll know I’m not too thrilled about them running around my home. If you haven’t a clue what I’m referring to, then take a browse through a prior post entitled “OF MICE AND MEN” (HERE) to read it first…

Today I’m taking a detour from the trip writings (though most are already composed and simply need to be uploaded with photos in several more parts), I want to make mention of the fact it didn’t take us long to realize, “While away, the mice did play!”.

During the initial days of our return, we noticed our dogs spending much time upon their return scouting out their home digs, pawing and scratching into the straw within the dog run. Two days ago, when returning from mama-taxi duties, we spied our husky chomping on something, obviously not a toy!

Knowing all too well their hunting senses when watching them sniffing around before we left, I knew then and there without a full view of the “thing”, it just had to be a mouse!

Sure enough, she dropped it several times, scooped it up, and then chomped down hard again. The little critter was not moving, and the husky didn’t appear to be finished to her satisfaction fully when we arrived home and noticed her. One ziplock body bag was in order to grab and seek out the deceased critter... our son's duty since it was his dog!

Last evening, we awoke abruptly when a strong thunder and lightning show danced about over our heads. Yes, spring has sprung; the storms are here again, in earnest.

New "spring" flowers from my hubby!

This morning we were convinced spring had been here for some time, obviously knowing who won the cloud wars overhead the night before, when the sun rose and glimmered upon us at first light. I summoned to everyone to crack open his or her bedroom windows, allowing in the fresh crisp air for the day. During the night however, our son who has his bedroom in the basement heard the scratching of a mouse (or other such critter), perhaps he thought, in the walls after a full search in the wee hours uncovered nothing at all. But, when he opened his blinds to honor my wishes of window openings, there was a little wee fellow between his window and mesh screen, clearly finding his way there during the night and attempting to gnaw his way out somehow, small holes all over the window screen to prove it, but not escaping until assistance was (happily to all) on the way for it to leave the area.

What a commotion!

Everyone buzzed about watching,
eagerly awaiting its departure.

The sun shone on us all day long, heating the winter grounds, and becoming unthawed nicely, thick steam emanating upward from the soil. Temperatures soared to 25 degrees (74 F) becoming t-shirt weather for all of us, requiring the barn windows to be flung open, allowing all the animals some fresh air and cooler temperatures they prefer to have anyway from the type of breeds they are. In fact, they loved winter with its cool air and freezing temperatures.

As the little mouse scurried from its area of entrapment, our older son followed it around to the front, where it scooted underneath a piece of wood in the flowerbed, and when lifted, many small tunnels were noted in the ground below. Picking at the soil with the shovel he was holding, two little mice jumped out and ran away, their nest dismantled completely. Problem is, they just went on their way somewhere else, but how many, and where they are is the question.

So, until the next time then, but I must update you, mice are no longer found in the attic, six in all was the last count, certainly more than enough for us. They can resume their days in farmer’s fields instead and the crop season is surely almost upon us for them to do so.