Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring has sprung!

Signs of Spring…

We’re beginning to feel as though we left for a vacation in the height of our wintry weather, and then returned to spring in the blink of an eye, a drastic change occurring suddenly from one moment to the next.

All last week we were had front row seating to view and observe the permafrost drifting off the soil, rising up right off the ground. The white cloud-like steamy formations were visible from afar, easily photographed and seen in our photos. One day felt like winter, the next as though it was the middle of the summer with high temperatures heating the house and making us all uncomfortable.

Permafrost lifting from the ground as it unthaws.

Our sump pump suddenly roared on, in high demand again now that the ground has obviously becoming much wetter and almost mushy in many spots, as the ground began to thaw in such a short period of time.

It seemed strange when traveling along the water’s edge on our way to town, noting how the warmer summer-like weather attracted many bicycle riders, folks out walking or jogging or people gathering at the water’s edge taking in a sunset at day’s end. Yet, just beyond them there were still iceberg types of white drifts, frozen solid beyond the beach shores, looking extremely cold and frigid. One could only imagine how it would feel to dip a toe into the water surrounding it, even though it looked as lovely as the Caribbean waters itself, hues of green and blue.

Freely floating icebergs still in view.

This week there are so many birds working busily in the denseness of the trees out back, it sincerely sounds like we’re in the midst of a jungle when the windows are open, or we stroll out into the back yard. We’ve been watching birds working hard, flying back and forth, to and fro, and gathering things to construct their spring nests. As they dart about, often they stop momentarily to visit our birdie num num (wink, from a movie)- well stocked feeder along their return paths on our back deck. They seem to be enjoying every bit of the dog’s outdoor run this year with its copious amounts of straw for the taking, a great addition to their nesting materials. The morning doves are already making their sounds, and this year we know what they are. So far we’ve also seen our usual robins, chickadees, northern cardinals, blue jays and others, obviously also nesting close by.

The crocus’, tulips, and other tubers are budding, getting ready to burst with the next round of warmth due any day now, surely just hoping for more sunshiny weather.

All this talk of spring, sunshine, and warmer weather has focused our attention to the landscaping in the yard. After the long drawn out brick saga we endured last year (see archives for several writings on this topic), we’ve noticed the high maintenance creeping perennials threatening to take over and create chaos in the flowerbeds once again. Several of our trees are in need of being moved to a better location. We’re also in need of more soil to improve dips and valleys in the grass areas on either side of the driveway so we don’t flood there anymore, and we’ve decided to expand the dog run for the two pups to get more exercise when not being walked or let around the children when out and about outdoors.

Ideas have been flourishing since we moved into the house last year, and the goal was to seek out the expertise of a landscaping nursery representative, who came by and paid us a visit this morning to see how he can assist us, and we shall soon see if we can afford to hire out the harder work load to him (wink). I know I can’t begin the dig out and transplant the size of trees in need of relocating myself, nor do I have a vehicle to transport some of the goods we require, however between myself and the teens, perhaps a unique and official spring fling workout would do us all good, a great form of exercise anyway and one we were used to last year hauling wheel barrow after wheelbarrow around loaded with bricks inside. smile


Puppy love!

Thoughts are continually evoked when thinking of the possibilities of this new season officially upon us, formally crossed off on the calendar as the mode of being.

Glorious Spring!

Bunny love!

Here’s a list I’m working on this new few weeks over here myself, with the help of the children of course who are pressing us for extra chores for pocket

  • Have the eaves troughs cleaned out
  • Reorganization in the garage and the barn to ensure all garden tools are within reach, snow shovels placed to the back.
  • Planning of our garden plot, move the raspberries and strawberries nearer to the house.
  • Set up an official compost bin.
  • Trim unsightly branches and old foliages.
  • Inspect outdoor pots for planting some annuals for the deck.
  • Have the lawn mower serviced, the beast leaking oil in the pneumatics..grrr.
  • Clean the deck.
  • Scrub down the barbeque.
  • Call the serviceman to inspect and get the air conditioner ready for summer
  • Wash the windows in and out, let the sun shine in!
  • Sweep the front walkways.
  • Transplant several floral blooming plants around.
  • Gather outdoor toys and ensure they are all in good order.
  • Check all the bicycles for necessary tune-ups.
  • Reorganize the barn and sweep it out well.
  • Stock up on animal food, straw bales, and pet toys.
  • Clear out the old doghouse left here by former owners, burn it as it’s been wasp and mice ladened.
  • Pull out the old rabbit hutch in the long grass, burn it too.
  • What to do with the former small chicken coop? Check for safety.
  • Find a swing set as promised for the little ones.
  • Change the wreath on the back door to the spring one.
  • Clean out the garage and change over the sports equipment lying beneath other winter sports gear.
  • Air out the hockey gear well….ewwwwwww
  • Make sure there’s a kite ready for a blustery day, and lots of string.
  • Grass care, what it needs, make the list.
  • Attend the maple sugaring party to come.
  • Pull out the wildflower and bird guides for reference sake to identify migratory birds and lovely blooms in the fields.
  • Place some enticing feed out for the wild rabbits.
  • Watch the spring skies; Venus is especially clear and bright these past few weeks.
  • Vacuum both vans out well, careful to do a good cleaning detail inside as well.
  • Rev up the weed whackers and begin cutting down the unsightly long grass at the back of the property, those that attracted so many mosquitoes, as west nile was likely around last summer. (Check out the twine supply first.)
  • Scrub down the wooden chairs, the patio furniture too.
  • Delight in the singing of the birds, the quiet of the country and the joy of watching the children playing happily outdoors again.
  • Fill the freezer with future barbeque dinner possibilities, and gather the recipes we love to use doing those cookouts.
  • Stock up on ice, lemonade, summer drinks, and lots of lemon and cucumber for the water jug embellishments.
  • Enjoy the longer days, crickets at night and the calm at the end of the day.
  • Prepare to meet and greet many beautiful sunsets ahead…

Happy spring to you!