Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love never fails.


Love bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things,
endures all things.
never fails.

1 Corinthians 13

Some say when cupid strikes, take the arrow.

Joy speaks!

Some say when God directs you to a mate, marry him/her.

More Joy!

Some say, she isn’t right for him, we don’t think he’s right for her. However, would someone tell me just how he or she thinks “THEY” know that answer themselves?


Some say when you are a teenager, or in your early twenties, an early marriage is naturally doomed. Why?

Naysayers are there like a bad smell, handing around, negative, a dark shadow painting all early marriages with the same brush! Why?

Some say a lot of things, becoming a grossly exaggerated naysayer who could really choose to use their energies more wisely, being more productive day by day, blessing others instead of dragging them down and stepping on them once they land on the ground drained from emotional outer baggage, mostly from the tremendous force of negativity.

Naysayers again!

Some say they believe God is the “Alpha and the Omega”, as he truly knows the beginning and the end of any couple's story. We prefer to think he has had a plan all along, for us in particular, as a couple, and along the way in our married life together. HE knows how it all began, and HE knows too, how it will all come to pass…until we meet again in the forever of eternity.

Yes, I’m speaking about us, my hubby, and me.

There is a difference when love surrounds future possibilties, a warmth so soothing from loved ones who cheer from the sidelines, who aren't afraid to fall to their knees and pray hard for that particular golden nugget of wisdom to offer, rather than nattering them to death, or even uttering a simple heavenly plea for God to intervene and assist a young couple by wrapping them up in a lovely hedge of protection. It is absolutely pivotal to offer a couple their "space" to grow and flourish as necessary. Oh, and hugs at every turn.

This is what our parents did for us!

This was our golden key to be sure.

Our parent's gentle and godly influence, their total unconditional love and continued support through many years, has always been immensely appreciated by us both. The love of a parent can mimic no other. We had love, lots of it! And, we love our parents in return too!

Without such parents to emulate or hold us up when the road is rocky, we feel a young couple will struggle often, grasping at straws and floundering to the goal of knitting together as "one", body and soul.

Moral of the story? Hands off parents, leave them to become the couple God destined them to be...hands off. smile And, if I may be blunt - go home Naysayers! Be gone! smile

We were young, we were vulnerable, we had big dreams and drifted onward ho in this journey called life with steaming force, likened to a bulldozer we were told in early years, and yet, the roller coaster ride has been the thrill of our lifetimes... so far.

Celebrate with us as we are in our
"Pearl Year",
30 years later after we tearfully pledged
"I do"
at the altar.

More to come...