Sunday, August 17, 2008

His thrilling bargain, a great deatl

His thrilling bargain
....a great deal!

Waiting in town with the rest of us for his older brother to complete his hockey conditioning camp one evening this past week, mom decided a visit to a thrift shop was a great way to spend the time, something he wholeheartedly welcomed as a fun perusing activity. After all, when was the last time we were able to fully immerse ourselves into fun thrift store shopping everyone here loves to do.

With his recent whopper earnings from assisting in extra yard work outdoors, he was ready to burn his money, until mother reminded him he should save it for later this month when we would be road tripping again. With his money tucked into his wallet, safely stored in his short’s pocket, he began to "browse", and just enjoy the various sights in his favourite departments within the store.

Then there it was - that voice filled with jubilant excitement, something a mother knows doesn't occur often, at least not to this heightened decibel anyhow.

Before me stood one beaming faced boy, with a golf bag cart on wheels, pushing its way towards me. As it was all folded up when spotting it, he began lifting up the handle and inspecting it for wear and tear. Something had to be wrong he thought for the price listed on the handle was only $4.99! Could it be he thought, only $4.99? Pushing it around up and down one aisle, everything looked and seemed just fine.


Digging into his spending money, he decided it was bargain he just couldn’t' pass up and since then he has revelled in this piece of equipment with big smiles and a walking cool guy strut when traipsing around on the golf course.

A parent has to love it when one of their children finds their own bargain, something actually useful and not only for a moment’s pleasure, using their very own money to enable the purchase. As they begin to get a clear vision of the initial well padded wallets dwindle in the process, reality sets in for how much things cost in the end when the cashier requests payment for even a “bargain” purchase.

Ahhhh, yes! It’s one of the “value of the dollar” lessons we’ve come to know and love since our oldest was a young girl. We still practice this principle today in our home. The children seem to look after things so much better don’t they, especially when their own funds enable them to visualize their part in the purchase.

We have one very proud son here!