Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day and other things - Catching up!

Catching up!

The “Scenes from a Summer’s Day” photo challenge is still in progress, though no doubt many of our participants are beginning to concentrate more on back to school rather than summer at this point in time. I plan to post a few more between now and the end of next week myself.

I haven’t been able to introduce other challengers to you yet, though their names and links do appear on my right side bar for all to see. I hope you’ve been able to have a visit with them over a nice hot cup of tea this past few weeks. Please consider taking a peak at some of the photography summer fun on their blogs if you haven’t already, but allow me to first introduce you to;

These ladies are all fellow homeschooling bloggers who keep it real with family living in focus. Donna is a fellow grandmother club member, what fun that is for both of us!

Of Flower Fairies

There are two other items I’d love to share with you all, and they are both very near and dear to my heart of course.

My friend Denise is so creative; her blog is even titled with the word in it!

This particular post HERE on making flower fairies is so fresh and fun, especially when making fairies is using phtos of her daughter and grand-daughter. (Yep, she too is a fellow "Grandmother club member!)

Please go (run) and take a looksy, because I just know you’ll love the idea for making it yourself with your kidlets.

To Dream the Impossible Dream
...has officially come true

I would like to refer you to my friend Justine’s adoption blog and ask you to pray for her family’s safe journey. They are in flight as I type this up, on their way to Ethiopia in Africa to pick you their two beautiful new daughters. The journey has been so beautiful for their family, and God has truly touched them in ways they never thought possible. They stepped out in faith and away they go, flying towards this fantastic reunion they have worked so hard to become blessed with.

Her husband is a carpenter, and both their older sons accompanying them on this trip will assist him with a labor of love, complete with all the tools they purchased to tutor the men in the area about his craft to make the next dream come true. Her blog appropriately named “To dream the impossible dream” has come true. Go watch the video clip at THIS LINK , and see how richly they have been blessed and keep up with the trip now in progress.

I have goose bumps just typing this up! It’s been so exciting overall, it really has, even for me way over here depending on her blogging efforts to keep me in tune with all the details.

Ray and Justine – the Kleenex tissues are ready and we can hardly wait to see you on your blog all the way over in Africa with your girls! Woot, woot!!