Monday, August 04, 2008

Summer Family Days are made of these...

Summer Family Days

Coasting along, our summer daily moments this past week enabled a harnessing of some stellar family times together.

There were also moments where we continued working well, in sync as a team, for the sole purpose of achieving completions on overdue projects and preparing once more for yet - another schedule this coming week. Today is a civic holiday, thus an easier day for all and the ability of a blog update.

So, if this was one of those; "And what did you do this week?" essays, here are a few photos to tell the story better than I can in words...

  • Gardening moments AGAIN - weeding, cutting grass, cutting back the end of summer floral blossoms
  • Morning storms with an extraordinarily large amount of forked lightning
  • Delays in air travel for my hubby resulting in plenty of lost time
  • Participating in another Saturday morning swim meet

  • Working with horses, dog walking, bunny loving
  • Chores; you know the routine - laundry, cooking, cleaning, dishes, everything else...
  • Watching old family movies

  • Piano playing for fun
  • Many mentoring moments with family and friends

  • Taking photos of anything making me feel an abundance of gratitude in the emotion department. Cultivating gratitude is something we all need to remember to do, daily. Therefore, that said, I take one special photo each day of something that gives me a grateful heart....a fabulous effort with much fruit
  • Sitting by the water's edge and allowing all of life's cares fade away

Surf's Up this day, two hours of wave riding!

  • Pig roast next door
  • Golf programs and lessons
  • Taking out favorite board games and having a blast

  • Schooling still... Ya we know, we know, it's summer right? But, we do not follow the institutional schooling timetables, preferring to plan our "summer moments" all through the year instead. That said - we're almost done. Next week we hope, right gang? And then when we have two weeks in late September off, it will all be just fine. :-)
  • Doctor appointments with disappointing results
  • Reading out loud and pleasure
  • Soccer with friends

  • Bonfire family times, complete with good food, and spoiling the dogs when allowing them to join us by the fire once the meal was complete. They love to come and gather near the fire, in the hope of bits and morsels, possibly even a few crumbs located on the ground afterwards
  • Catching up with friends via telephone, email and writing letters...whew!
  • Barbeque dinners giving mom a break from cooking when dad is in the mood

  • Toy archives revisited again for younguns to enjoy
  • Enjoying watching my hubby's scrabble game challenge plays given to him by other family members. He can only do this on the weekend folks, so be patient for him to get them all completed. Keeps the mind sharp!
  • Enjoying the results of children's Lego creations, those in full progress on hot and humid afternoons when it's preferable to remain indoors
  • Scenic drives to all of our excursions through beautiful and ever changing countryside as the harvest fast approaches

  • Prescription refills, diagnoses, medical possibilities and comforting those afflicted
  • Catching up on the blogs I've subscribed to in my google reader. Man am I ever behind! Some several hundred await my reading pleasures...and I can hardly wait to read them all and find all the nuggets of beauty awaiting me there
  • Finding golf balls at the back of the property from the nearby golf course (a long way away - lousy golf players!)
  • Exercising to keep the metabolism revving
  • Card class for mom where creativity abounds, one of my paper craft loves

  • Resting - even mommy had a nap this week after too much fun in the sun.
  • Early to bed, early to rise - our summer motto and it's working because "we have no choice". wink, wink
  • Interrupted sleep from our "early to bed" feeble attempts some nights, the direct result from frightened children when awoken in the night. Thunderous pounding in the skies and "star wars" lightning offering full surround light shows, were the cause of the interruptions, ultimately keeping everyone awake for long periods of time once the wind and hail began (tornado weather). And there it was strange when subsequently waking to find a child sleeping in a hallway, curled up with his bedspread after one such storm. All suffice to say, we needed a few naps this week by the afternoon.
  • Watching sunsets from a great vantage view point, stupendous simple pleasures offering great rewards at the end of the day.

  • Praying hard on many private and very personal intentions...seeking wisdom in all things, and trying to find God's will for our family - the ultimate is of course continued hope to comfort those thoughts and emotions deep within our hearts at this time.
  • Wondering where in the world God is leading our family, but believing every day that our lives have already been ordained so we must not fear anything

Moments of spontaneous prayer have flowed forth during every function, event, daily task and even in our dreamiest of dreams.

Ahead of our family, another fork has fallen on our journey in life, creeping in and securing its position tightly, forcing us into making a life changing decision. We're almost a hundred percent sure of what we will have to do, our considerations are hinging on a time limit as they are formally due by tomorrow.

more later...