Sunday, March 07, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Sometimes the sun beckons us outdoors on a beautiful day, like the ones we've experienced lately.

Even with the most gorgeous of days before us, clearly we have to remember it is yet still winter. Protective gear is still required, especially gloves. The bluest sky with the brightest sun has blessed us greatly recently.

When viewing out our window panes in the warmth of our home, this same brilliant sky has also fooled us into believing a tropical balmy likeness has come to call.

Is it summer yet?

Uh, no.

Don't let that sun fool you because if one tilts up their chin just a bit when viewing out our windows, you'll be sure to notice those protruding icicles hanging off our eavestroughs with dripping water falling by day. These are not melted all the way, nor is the ice damming on the roof lines, just another hint of winter still in the air. It was only 0 degrees celsius in the photo above, heading upward to a warm 2C on the thermometer by midday.

During sunny days like this one, the temptation to crank out one of my hockey mother whistles to bring my busy bunch to a screeching halt, don our coat and boots, and get outdoors for a long walk and some fresh air is an impulsive action at best.

I do that, frequently and yet I just can't recommend it highly enough, getting outdoors in winter that is. Oh, and just so you heard that right, it really is a little known fact that I have an awesome and very piercing loud whistle talent, especially great for hockey games when my sons score on net. LOL

Twenty minutes a day folks, bare minimum.

Fresh air that is.

Have you had yours today?

(Sunday Flash - We went from -10 to +12 degrees celsius today, tropical no doubt! Back to the negative numbers tonight, but oh what a lovely day we had!)