Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Outdoor activities in winter are obviously not for the faint of heart. It's darned cold out there at times during winter, especially here in the east.

After receiving several wonderful recommendations, we took an afternoon to visit a county museum.

For those back home, it was a cross between "Burnaby Village Museum", "UBC's Musuem of Anthropology", and assorted other local museums.

For the mere cost of a yearly family membership, with a fee of only 25.00, one can visit and use the facilities any day of the week, and a "carload" constitutes family, not necessarily just a biological family.

It's such a great idea for visiting relatives and friends, to bring them there for the live presentations each weekend and entire summer months.

In winter there is a grand ice skating rink for all to enjoy, antique snow sledding activities, and so much more to participate in as a family, or a crowd, or just by ourselves.

We were eager and thrilled to try out a vintage type of snowshoeing in the quiet outdoor setting amongst the historical village, on the abundant acreage owned by this museum.

First stop was to find a pair of snowshoes we could snap over our boots. We all giggled at mine, obviously two different sized ones, but they fit.

Off we went, and it wasn't as easy as one would expect, at first. It actually took a bit of practice to get moving along.

At the end of our trek, we returned to the museum for a whole host of other new experiences. The penny farthing bicycle was an interesting stop, and both the younger ones took time to explore this older method of transportation.

What a great day we had! We will definitely be back, returning with "a carload" to join the fun.