Thursday, March 25, 2010

mother and daughter fun

I found out one of our local preferred pedicure businesses offers a super special price only on Tuesdays.

When my husband was out of town recently, I informed my seventeen year old daughter she and I would be doing something very special later in the day. I kept it a secret and never divulged just what that was exactly.

We were going to have a memorable mother and daughter girls only night, just she and I. And this would also be the first time we've ever done this type of thing together.

I'm happy to report she, like her father, really loved it all! She loved the back massage chair as the attendant worked on her feet. She was offered a little nail decor on her big toe to compliment her nail color, which was a super sweet addition to her evening.

I highly recommend this girly fru-fru activity and implore all mothers out there to think about doing something like this with your own daughter/s. Or bring your husband because I've also shared with you how much mine liked his own surprise pedicure, sans polish naturally.