Saturday, April 09, 2011

14 / 52 weeks

52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane -- 

whatever is unique to the week. 

Join me if you like.

** Stations of the Cross; Raiding my wedding box of goodies for clear votive candles throughout the liturgical year, all fourteen beeswax candles are out ready for use during Lent for family prayer times. 

** Enjoyed a surprising and very unique date night at home! While the house was filled with young visitors, hubby and I brought the piano bench in to our bedroom to sit near the fire, comfortably seated on our deck chairs which have been handy indoor residences all winter long.

I have to say, you'd think this is what we do all the time, but really, it's not and I rather love a fun and thoughtful spontaneous evening like this one, even when they are few and far between at times.

Married couples - Seriously, you have to remember to take time out for recalling how you once began together, as often as you are able, and may it be spontaneous and fun for you too! But then, you also have to keep in mind, this is how you will be one day when your nest is empty and the birdies have all flown away. Will you remember each other along the way until then? Is it time for a "date night" at home if not away from it? Just saying...

Today, it was so nice outside with temperatures soaring up to the high sixties, my hubby decided to place the chairs back onto the deck for the warmer months ahead. There seemed to be a slight contrast when looking out there, I mean the summer chairs and snow still in the background to the left on the forest floor in this photo below. You can't see it all in this photo, but be assured it's there.

Today too, we actually took our seats in these chairs for a time, and it was so wonderful to get back into the great outdoors! 

We had front row seats to downy woodpeckers, northern jays, robins, siskins, chirping chipmunks and other strange noises on the forest floor.

** We all commented on the lovely art work gracing the little library windows this week nearby, and it made the perfect back drop for the photo above. 

** Spring is finally rounding the bend here, someone here sneaked out a hockey net this week to take many shots on goal during the afternoon moments. As shown, snow is still evident here and there, but at long last we can FEEL it, and SMELL it coming closer. 

 ** An exciting late spring and summer ahead; Both younger kiddos have outgrown their usual summer fun recreational soccer, and are now registered for soccer their own individual summer leagues.

On the hunt for new soccer shoes and shin pads now, we only have one item checked off the list so far, so I'd better step it up this week before we're called with the first meet-the-coach day. 

**Nature has exploded on our property showing that spring is coming, and very I might also add, so very slowly!

Deer have been wondering the forests, downy woodpeckers have ruined a large tree bark out yonder, chipmunks are back in full force with snowy white mixed with brown weasels chasing after them all over the place. They must taste yummy, because not only do the weasels love to gobble them up, so does our husky dog.

** Squirrels have been quite pesky this year, this one guy has taken residence in my front yard of the property, seemingly behaving quite territorily. 

He stood so still during this moment I was able to capture this photo, as the neighbor dogs were out for a walk. Good thing they were on leashes, or he would have been racing for safety. 

** My new glasses are in and I am one happy reading mama, able to see so much clearer now, enabling me much longer reads without squinting. 

Pastel lilac and the lovely purply colors of spring inspired me to remove these from the shelves at the optometrists office shortly after having my eyes rechecked, and I'm happy to say since I am so NOT a shopper at heart, first choice pickings that work are my new best friend. 

** Unexpected booty from the hockey team wrap up were in his hand when returning from his bowling/pizza night this week. I saw what they gifted him with, the character trait suiting him during this year's play perfectly. 

Thrilled with joy, he obliged a shirt try-on to see if it fit, and then admired his new medal for his little collection on his bedroom wall. 

Father drilling Son while working 
together during this study session...

** Our career student has been working very diligently and never harder in his life to obtain good marks. He had a bit of a scare last week, the entire class did in fact, when presented with a surprise closed-book test. All of the men in his class fretted and worried all last weekend they'd possibly all failed the latest exam, almost sick to their craziest stomach and heartache nightmares, that is, until Monday morning when the instructor apologized for handing out the wrong test to the class.

Most of the questions were on topics not yet learned, so the unbridled stress was slowly released throughout the day once the truth of the matter sunk in to everyone there.  All went out to lunch to celebrate! All were wiping their brow, thankful that no one was offered a stern pointed finger to the door. 

And then, two of the most important exams came later this past week, a must have 90% to pass for all was mandatory. Our son, like the rest of the men seemed to lose a bit of confidence due to last week's episode, hitting the books and studying extremely hard, almost every waking hour throughout this week when not already in class. 

The greatest reward came by way of our son's first hand tale, while he adjusted to sit still in my husband's office, awaiting his ride home when his father's day was done. With a pooling of teary eyes, beat red faced, and not sure whether to laugh or cry, he sat there absorbing his 99% fabulous marks, and yet, somehow on the other hand, he was slightly annoyed and chastising himself for getting one wrong. Where ( I ask ya!), where was all this GREAT diligence while learning at home? Where? LOL  

He has now been assigned a work experience placement all next week two hours away from home, followed by another workplace 1 1/2 hours from home the following week before having to return to the classroom again.

Relief came in a big package for him this week... SO, SO, so proud of this son (!) and I'm now admittedly finding myself wiping my own brow on his

** Summer Cottage; Okay, so the creators of the "Victoria" magazine emailed to announce the inaugural issue of this new magazine, also assuring anyone who purchased it that it would become a collector's item. 

During my errands this week, there it was before me, so I grabbed it and brought it home. I haven't had the time to get a good read in just yet, but it's awaiting me on my night table for that special moment when I do. 

** Finally, I had this photo of my hubby and I printed off, and it fit perfectly in this empty frame, and perfectly on this windowsill above my kitchen sink.

Memories of good times with loved ones near and far.... I just LOVE it!

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