Saturday, April 09, 2011

another art lesson

Due to the popularity of these art lessons, these two gals were late to the activity from limited space in the original bunch. 

Though they weren't walked step by step through the art lesson, they knew the basics and were able to glance at the end of the table to the others nearing the finish of their project. 

I have to admit I am greatly touched by the efforts of this homeschooling father, first of all for closing his art gallery/studio on Mondays so he can be present with his own children and volunteer his talents for the good of teaching others. 

Secondly, he brings so many containers of art supplies to these mornings, moves tables around, and sets up while the children are all having their monthly lessons, and then he patiently guides each little to big hand through the process of another art lesson. 

Everyone who tries their hand at his lessons walks away with confidence, and an awakening to the inner creative side they have already awaiting blooming.

As if it wasn't enough to be able to capture a free art lesson using pastels again as the art medium for creating the works of art by day's end, he also surprised everyone by bringing along his fly fishing tackle supplies, and the children/young adults were able to sit and have a guided lesson for making tackle.

I was loving it!

Our children were loving it!

What a blessing this man has become to the group, a male presence in our monthly  homeschooling days, with a big heart and such a giving spirit. 

Having missed the previous homeschooling day prior to this one, I hadn't realized some of the mothers had been tempted enough (and even bold enough) to jump in for the art lesson, so next month I plan to do that too myself. 

Move over kids, the mothers want to play too.