Tuesday, April 05, 2011

lessons on making fly fishing tackle

Here are some of the tools for "fly fishing tackle making".

And here are some more. 

These are just a few of the many items one of the dads in our homeschooling group carted up and down stairways at our last week's monthly gathering. 

This father of six young children has volunteered his talents on many occasions to both the homeschooling families and parishioners at large at our church. 

Several times each year, he will lend fly fishing gear to the boys and parents, and then accompany them on a guided trip somewhere local. This is something he does on the side to supplement his income as an artist, while also keeping store at his own artist studio filled with art work he has created. He does it free for the parishioners, gifting his time and talents for them.

I don't recall ever seeing him cart along the supplies for this fly fishing tackle making at one of our functions before, so I was greatly curious and intrigued once it all began. 

Our son made this fishing tackle = known as the "wooly worm"

Our son wasn't so sure about making tackle, because he said he's not tried his hand at fly fishing yet, but I'm pleased he sat to participate at the table because it's opened up a huge doorway to having more interest in trying this sport out.

When all the boys were done creating their own pieces, and as they rose from their chairs, immediately some of the girls sat to take part in making their own tackle. I was surprised to find my daughter keenly creating her own, so I would assume she too would like to try her hand at fly fishing sometime.

And after what seemed like an even more complicated piece of tackle, here's what our daughter created = otherwise known as a "small fish"

Aren't these just the coolest things? 

What a good sport all the children were to render much patience and be rewarded by the outcome of their manual labors. And what a great gift to all this man has blessed them with. He's willing to bring along his supplies again next month, and some of the boys are stocking up their tackle for the upcoming fishing season with his help. If one doesn't have the time or energy to make the variety of tackle used for the sport, he has over 4000 uniquely made pieces available at his store for a nominal fee to his customers. 

Overall, this was a great homeschooling day for everyone. Some of the moms want to try their hand at creating tackle next month, so move over children, here we come! (LOL)