Saturday, April 16, 2011

15 / 52 weeks

52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane -- 

whatever is unique to the week. 

Join me if you like.

This post is dedicated to all things "Spring"... so in the spirit of this themed topic thought, here are some places to begin this week;

Spring is going back to the water's edge, finding the snow mounds on the sand now melted, but seeing the iceberg hills out yonder still offering reminders of the winter thaw. 

Nevertheless, the sun was shining this day, and beginning to set over the horizon just in time for a front row seating to saluting and bidding it goodnight.

When I declare a front row seating, in past posts it's usually been while we were seated in our beach chairs, on a log somewhere or at home on our back deck in our Adirondack chairs. This day was obviously a wee bit different, for our front row seating was using our 4x4 to drive right up into the sand dunes of the water's edge, and gloriously taking it all in from the windshield of the truck...perfect when the wind was high and the temperatures were still low.

Cold temperatures aren't always my man's best friend, but in the interior of the truck, he was nice and cozy from the warmth of the sun, beaming from the action over the water before him. Yes, this was our first celebrated sunset of spring 2011. 

Hubby has been home from work this week, on vacation and it's amazing how fast it always zooms by. A few small detail items were accomplished, a lunch out together, a date night for younger ones with their dad while mom was afforded a lovely dinner catch up with a long distance friend, canoe and kayak club night meeting, attending children's activities and daughter's driving lesson running, a few appointments to attend, a few personal goals, and some overdue and well deserved major R. and R. time.

** Spring is.... the reality of no more deicing of the windshield, but having to keep it clean from other surprising organic materials falling very suddenly from the sky. 

The spring return of birdville has been so welcomed, Canada geese in their v-formations each day, squawking and happy to be back in their native land (smile). Even the nesting around our property has doubled in just two weeks, amazing really to think such changes are so drastic while living in eastern colder climates. Bird poop is here to stay folks, so stock up on the windshield fluid again for the seasons ahead. :)

Spring is.... a time for thinking of all things outdoors. 

I never realized how much I was looking forward to getting not only outdoors this spring and summer, but the reality of our family being members of the local canoe and kayak club has now formally sunk in and I'm PUMPED! I'm ready to get out there on the water for a paddle and my almost fourteen year old son will become my canoe companion for a few day trips with the club over the summer months.

After this week's general meeting, there was an open tour in the basement of the club's facilities, and there were all the club's assets in full view! An abundance of items were available for all members usage, free of charge for their yearly nominal membership fee. 

Since the club is family oriented in nature, club supplies are available for infants to senior seniors, and that my friend is very exciting in itself. I can picture being out on the water more often this year, the entire family in one of the voyageur canoes for instance, or in separate kayaks while out on an evening sunset paddle. clap,clap,clap....

Dozens of vessels are there for anyone to use;
  • Canoes (moving water and flatwater - I personally didn't know there was a difference, did you?)
  • Kayaks (sea kayaks, white water kayaks, tandem or single, and even kayaks for kids)
  • Paddles for everyone (light as a feather to heavier wooded native carved originals)
  • Life jackets for all ages
  • Tents, barrels for keeping supplies dry, and other aids for multi-day and overnight trips 
  • Voyageur canoes (there are two grand ones to borrow which can fit up to twelve people)
  • ... and hundreds of members plus their families who freely offer their expertise to teach, mentor, offer courses and plan group trips everyone is welcomed to join for FREE, all using the club's equipment.  Such a deal! 

** Spring is...fresh food, and pretty greens with cucumber wrapping. A great nutritional health perk is also the many farmer's markets now very slowly returning to the area. Isn't this a pretty salad with the dressing on the side?  

I accompanied my hubby for a luncheon this week, trying a new place together. The selected restaurant was such a great choice! And yes, this was the salad was served to me there, a great selection with the pat of goat cheese to accompany it. Yum!

** Spring is... blessed beginnings with great Alleluias awaiting in the wings

The purple shrouded reminders last weekend are a visible reminder, all offering the splendor of hopeful and heavenly promises to come. That in and of itself is one very wonderful reason to wave our palms about this weekend, celebrating once more the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and begin to buckle up for Holy Week ahead, while becoming ever mindful of the greatest sacrifice ever known to man - offered freely and solely on our behalf.  

Dare we become so bold as to not even acknowledge this fact? 

And as it was once asked;
"Won't you stay awake awhile?"

Other things in our week;

** We are having incredible issues with internet abilities at home over the past three months. I placed a formal complaint out to our provider and at last this past week we've been informed the cell tower transmitting to our network is overloaded and in need of updating. 

It's been several months of mounting frustration without a solution, and having to continue using the local library or my iphone as an alternative to even offer a reply via emails. I'm getting very close to being fit to be tied with this backwoods and lousy internet ability, confirmation there is no fiber optics located in our one mile square area, and already having to change providers just a few months ago so my hubby can work from home when necessary. 

Someone offered a suggestion to visit the municipal hall and speak directly to our newly elected Mayor over the matter, something boldly noted on my agenda for next week to inquire about possible solutions to this ongoing issue our entire neighborhood is attempting to cope with. 
Working at home for many has been a challenging concern. 

Oh, and apparently we now own our former provider's satellite dish and modem system, completely paid for in our contract, so it's now (like I need this right?) up for sale. Anyone ever sold one of these before?

** Our youngest son and I moved our solid oak piano from the family room to the dining room, in an attempt to switch things up a bit. All was successful for a grand move, even the antique upright buffet is now in the kitchen near the backdoor. It was the scratch on the wooden floor my hubby wasn't happy about, an upsetting thing for everyone considering the lengths we went to for prevention of this very thing happening in the first place. boohoo... (not a great photo above, the camera battery died in the middle of trying to get a better photo)


** Thinking and offering love and prayers to our newest grandbaby who will be baptized this weekend over in the west. This is our third baptism for a new grandbaby we have been unable to attend, a very tough thing to be sure for all of us here. We will be there in spirit though, yes we will. 

It was such an honor and privilege (even at this geographical divided distance) to feel a part of this wee sweet babe's first sacrament, by being asked to borrow the family baptismal gown for her to wear on her special day. 

It was a great "Nana pride moment" when I lovingly began to launder and press the gown and slip, attaching fresh new white silk ribbons with teeny bows where the others had been before, and then fold in a special way before wrapping all up in tissue for its journey to the westcoast.

With the love touch beaming brightly from my hands, offering a prayer and a blown kiss before sealing the package for travel, I reluctantly entrusted all to the postmistress. "Irreplaceable" was what I think I muttered to her as she took it from my almost white knuckled grip before setting it down to weigh it on the scale. 

I'm pleased and feeling encouraged at least knowing when it's returned back to me, there will be another lovely little name along with baptismal date to embroider onto the bottom of the slip as time rolls onward and this wee gown becomes a family heritage memorable treasure. 

Dear sweet "Paige";
Welcome into the Christian community dear one. 

We love you!   

Head on over to Barbara's to check out the invitation to join the

P.S. my daughter told me I sounded rather harsh on my last post using the word "Seriously" for the married couple tip. I was actually smiling when I typed it, really I was and no blunt or anger tones were meant. Sorry folks...