Friday, June 01, 2012

Our Family ~ East and West

 Our four younger children who still reside with us

Immediately after church on Mother's Day, acting on a gentle nudge type of whim, I quickly gathered our family and handed my cell phone to a parishioner. I gave her a very quick bit of instruction - point, view, elbows in tight, and press button. Voila!

I'm pleased for being able to capture this photo, mostly because it's a rare Sunday anymore that our older son is available to attend the same mass as us, always "on call" for work, sometimes quite literally. Like this day. 

Intensely worried he may miss a call, he set his cell phone to "vibrate" and hoped for the best case scenario of not having to walk out part way through mass. I kept reassuring him, if he had to leave, it was his "efforts" he would be blessed for, responding to grace for even attending, rather than just sit at home awaiting the same call.

Oh, and did I mention this was a double blessing for me; not only was this "Mother's Day", but it was also his "21st birthday". 

On the screen before me while in flight

 Soon after heading back home early this Mother's Day morning, our packed luggage awaited, and we were off on our sudden trip to the westcoast, where we would be welcomed by all of our adult children and grandchildren for an evening bite once we landed. 

Our thoughts were a million miles away this day, and all seemed to sense it was one of those unique emotional family moments where hugs and kisses were heartily welcomed.

Hail, hail, the gang were all awaiting our arrival

It sure was great to be together, to purposely gather, to support one another for what was to come - my mother in law's funeral.

Through good times and bad, and through thick and thin, our family just knows without a shadow of a doubt, when and exactly how to huddle together. Everyone migrates toward the "good of the family" and not only throws in their loving selves, but also their best smiles to keep things cheery and light. We definitely couldn't ask for more!  

What a tough trip this ended up being for us. We're still processing the whole thing, decompressing at best, and attempting to move forward one day at a time.

 Our beautiful westcoast girls

 Our older four westcoast adult children