Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little baby cousin's picnic

Do you remember that sweet cartoon called; "Sugar and Spice", the one with two babies blabbering away to each other, in a language they both understood? 

No one else though knew what they were conversing about, not even their parents. I myself used to love reading those in our local weekend newspaper.

Well here's a modern day version of the same, with two Sugars and only one Spice. (grin)

 One little Sugar in the center, and our handsome Spice to the right, are our younger two grandchildren. The other sweet little Sugar is our Great Niece (ugh, that sounds old!). 

All these sweetie pies were born within a six week timer period, so close in age. 

They gathered with their mommies to get acquainted together. What a sweet little sight to see them sitting together. 

Slowly, our little Spice fellow wormed his way towards the Sugars, the toys enticing him to move forward. 

But wait! The Sugars noticed him there, and when he had his little hat affixed to his head, one little Sugar began to pull at it until she had it in her hands. The other little Sugar seemed to be shooing him away from the toys. 

I wonder what their conversation was. I wonder what was going down right then and there. No one will know for sure, though I highly believe, they were having a wonderful time together that afternoon. 

So sweet!