Friday, August 31, 2012

Ten Things I'm Thankful For - 08/31

Happy Summer! 

Yes, it's still summer folks, so get out and enjoy every last moment before it's gone. 

My ten thankful things are always varied, and often so random, they don't seem to be making any sense at all. All kidding aside, I choose what hits me in a personal way, at the time I'm preparing a blog post, those things or events with or without people, those sometimes everyday, ordinary items which linger long in my mind and heart, long after they're gone. 

Guess where this photo was taken? 
Can you guess?

It's a good thing for the digital age of cameras. One can snap away, and snap away further to capture just that perfect, or ultimate photo that resonates with that particular cherished memory, to live on. and never become lost in time. 

Here's another ten selected things that I would like to present to you today. 

And, P.S. - Don't forget to hug the ones you love.  

 - 1 - I'm thankful for these assorted NHL Baby board reading books

How fun to find them at Costco in a package of four books, after I had sent two west to grandbabies over there some time ago.

I just love these! And our son/son in law thought they were pretty terrific too, reading them to their babies since. 

- 2 - I'm thankful for celebrations, where we tink our glasses together, be it whatever is before us. Water works, or anything other beverage. 

It's not just a tinging thing like in commercials of old. Remember the "Tang" orange juice commercials? The ones where the jingle sounded with "Tang every morning"? 

Well, how about tinking our glasses every single time we sit to eat, no matter who is with us, making everyone in our midst matter even more in our everyday lives, at every single turn of a meal serving. Oh yes, we tink our glasses over here. How about you? 


- 3 - I'm thankful for living in a rural setting, where "country" isn't just a setting on the radio dial. We have excited kiddos in our home because the local 152nd country fair booklet arrived in the mail. 

A yellow highlighter has doodled and worked its way through the pages of the book already, notations aplenty for entry ideas lay across each page. 

 Last year our daughter showed her bunny "Floppy" (shown here in the agricultural show's own cage), and after the fair weekend came home with both a red and blue ribbon, to represent a first and second placing in the various categories our daughter entered him in. 

Now this daughter has highlights for all of these entries; 
  • Male bunny over 4 years
  • Male bunny over 3 years
  • Bunny with the longest ears (ours is a lop, so you can imagine the long ear advantage already)
  • Bunny costume event
  • Best bunny fur coloring
There might be one missing here. Sorry, I just can't think of it right now, but you get the picture. This bunny of ours will be quite the show piece.

And then, let us not forget the many other additional selected categories they are also choosing to enter items in to, busy bees are brain storming already.

- 4 - I'm thankful for more health check ups passed, and all the fall ones to come. We're a little anxious at this point in time with my husband's surgeon. At his last appointment, the doctor casually mentioned he is retiring and will be passing my hubby's case to another, unknown surgeon.

It hit so unexpectedly from left field, mostly because this particular one he's had the past two years is a pioneer and the best of the best for the type of surgery my husband will be requiring down the line.

We'll just have to step up the prayers that another famed and well revered surgeon is awarded my hubby's famous and rare case.

- 5 - I'm thankful for collector buttons that blend into our modern culture to mimic each of the logo items, creating big smiles.

These have been quite popular with our gang, and they keep on making more of them. They're so fun to slip onto a backpack, or share with friends. Good going to whoever invented these goodies.

- 6 - I'm thankful for good old fashioned card games when friends reunite. 

Take note of two of the mothers in the forefront with their feet up, polished toe nails (grin), sipping our summer water and enjoying conversation and the game play before us. 

Actually, included in the play is a spectator who was thankfully playing tutor, so everyone learned to get the game going faster. Ever heard of UNO? How about "Dutch Blitz" ? Both are great games and I highly recommend them. 

- 7 - I'm thankful for a son who has friends that enjoy what he does. I'm pleased he's been part of a Marksmanship Team this year in his cadets, having learned all about safety for using these airsoft guns.

These photos were snapped before he donned his safety glasses, though the game these boys played entailed no shooting above the waist with those itty bitty plastic pellets. 

It's great to have a piece of property with forest trails that the boys can play hide and seek on, capturing the flag hanging from a small tree in the middle of the yard when able. 

Can you guess what he's saving up his money for now? No clues offered, just one guess.

 - 8 - I'm thankful for my recent trip with my sister. I know I've said it before now, yes I know I have. It was just what I direly required at the time, and I can't thank my hubby enough for quite literally pushing me out the door to take this time out and be with her, while he looked after the fort the entire time I was away. 

Having just experienced two trips within a short period of time between the two, I've not yet been able to begin capturing those memories on my blog more fully, though I intend to do so very shortly when things settle down here. 

The photo above was snapped on our ferry ride back to Hyannis, from Nantucket. My sister lives on Cape Cod, so it was a super convenient getaway for us to participate in. Just a few minutes from her home was the parking lot for the ferry. We walked aboard knowing we had transportation at the other end with our bike rentals awaiting us. 

A little reading in the setting sun streaming in through the windows by days' end was the perfect end to a great day! 

- 9 - I'm thankful for shady spots when a property summer maintenance project requires a cool break out of the hot sun. 

This project was simple, and yet a bit complex to power wash the stones at the front door area, allow them to fully dry, and then apply the proper sand on top, sweeping all into the cracks to fill them up for the finish. 

 Show, teach, and then hand over the task to son in training. 

 What a mess! He had to change his clothes twice! 

How dirty this area was with dirt, weeds and even some moss growing up between the cracks. It wasn't applied properly before we took ownership of our home, so this has been something on our list for a long time. 

Check! It's done now. 

- 10 - I'm thankful for another year of soccer now behind us. Yes, folks here in the arctic snow belt of Ontario, there is no such thing as outdoor soccer in winter. Indoor soccer in bubble buildings are the norm all over the Province of Ontario during the fall/winter seasons, but all the kids come alive again during spring/summer soccer season when they can get outdoors in the fresh air again. Our younger ones only play at this time of year, just for sport and because they love the game. 

Good job ladies!


And once more, I've uploaded ten more things that I'm thankful for, without rhyme nor reason, just scattered gratitude for every little bitty thing in these photos. 

Have you written down your ten things this week yet? 
Only ten? How about 100?
Yes, grab a pen and start getting ink to paper. You'll be happy you took the time to do so, for the memories will rush over your head and envelope you in a warm fuzzy mode of utter thanksgiving, when least expected. 

Blessings to all;