Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ten Things I'm Thankful For - 08/11 edition

 Ten things

Only ten?
I'm telling you again, I have hundreds! 

How does one only choose ten? 

Well, I find myself browsing photos, and when a warm memory captures plenty of gratitude for what they evoke in me, that's a keeper. 

Truthfully, they all are. I'm not a gal who likes to delete photos, even all those dozens of same digital ones taking up so much space on my computer. Like about 21,000 of them. Crazy, I know. 

Often though, I find I go back, peruse through my folders by year, month and memory, and feel such a thrill from having all those photo opportunities snapped frozen in time.

 As summer continues, and the heat wave is in the midst of week eight out our way, we're finding a huge reprieve this week with several thunder and rain storms. It's soupy and steamy humid out there, I guess it simply must accompany this marvelous season, here in the east.

 Our forest fire warning is back down again, such a relief each time we find our community in danger. 

As the trades continue working on the new house next door, it's a great relief to find none of them even dare to lite up a cigarette within our area. 

But, why are they making so much racket before 7am? My morning early me time for prayer and a quiet solitude are often interrupted by the sound of machinery working its way down the road, or a heavy hand banging away on another floor. 

Fact is, all of that noisy racket is necessary to get our great new neighbors into their home, so we just continue to offer this summer's increased noises up. 

  Our bikes at Summer House, on the east coast of Nantucket Island


It's a grand season for so many promising things in our lives. 

 Hiking round the Route Champlain with my gals.

Let us be ever thankful for all it brings to us, with each promise of a new day to wiggle our toes wide awake, before stepping out from our slumbers to meet the morning. 

Here are another TEN THANKFUL THINGS to share with you today, without rhyme nor reason of course, just the way I like it.
Continue finding thankful things my friends, and always rejoice in the here and now, just for today. There is a big picture to blend in with the present, however, one can't overlook anything in the process of going about our daily living.

1 - I'm thankful for small celebrations, this one with my sister the night before our visit ended. We were at a Mexican restaurant, sitting outdoors on a high top table, which for me having this ethnic food is a real treat. In our local area, there just isn't anything in the way of Mexican foods, unless that is, one cares to call "Mucho Burrito", the restaurant chain a suffice model of what that is all about.

With my slushy margarita before me, it was just lovely to savor our last evening together, just my sister and I. Our yearly visits have become moments to forever treasure, as we bond together even more in our sisterly ways, making memories to hold dear in our hearts over the years to come.

- 2 - I'm thankful for being able to participate in a fun girlie outing to Cityline TV with a few friends.

Our day began very early, rising at 5:30 to drive to catch the commuter train to the bit Toronto city, on time to walk up to the featured day's live show. Yes, we would be "clappers" as someone called us, part of the live audience for a home specialty type show with Tracey Moore.

It was a very interesting morning watching how they taped a live show. Everyone was so personable, and there were behind the scenes jokes and laughter for all.

On our way out the door, a bag of gifts was presented to each individual as part of a thank you for being in the audience. What fun!

The show was edited and the following week, we were able to see ourselves live on TV, not that this was the highlight for each of us to view ourselves there.

The day included a full morning at the television studio, followed by lots of walking, a bit of shopping, and a great lunch nearby at a place called "Mr. Green Jeans", in the Eaton's Center. 

Our trip back home again on the train offered us a worthy respite from the day's event, and all were ushered home safely after the dinner hour. Overall, it was a grand day, a unique type of outing for all of us, one that still brings a smile to my face as I recall it in my memory.

- 3 - I'm thankful for outdoor cooking during our continued heat wave, where we cook up double the food for additional meals to be enjoyed later during our heat and humidity filled weeks. My hubby is having a great time with his new outdoor grill, and I'm having a great time keeping him company while he cooks. A perfect match during summertime.

 - 4 - I'm thankful for sunny bright colors, like the shoes above our youngest daughter is sporting for fun this summer. On sale for a hugely reduced pricing at the shoe store, I grabbed them wondering if she would even like them, and she did. With the choice of white or neon green laces, she opted to have only one of each color on her shoes. Notice the lovely yellow, crunchy looking grass beneath her feet. This is what all have come to accept as something "normal" during our heat wave.

- 5 - I'm thankful for a house filled with company, for the parade of girls who traveled up to visit, and for the additional parade of kids who came to see all of them while they were here. Shoes were taking over every door entry area, which only put a bigger smile on my face.

All are welcomed here is my motto. And the bigger the bonfire during the evenings, the more chairs gathered in a circle around it, the better.

Among recent guests was our son and his friend, who traveled to Ontario on a business trip. They were able to spend two nights with us before leaving for Toronto for the duration of their trip. And aside from visiting with all of us, this Uncle was able to meet his new niece.

- 6 - I'm thankful for peaceful scenes like the one above. Caught in a moment of relaxation before an afternoon unintentional slumber, this daughter was fully engaged in her recent reading. I love to capture visible moments such as this one, for they express a contented heart with an afternoon at home, cozy with her blanket upon her, and book in hand. My kind of wonderful.

- 7 - I'm thankful for a rescued baby rabbit. He had crawled inside of our garage shortly before the big doors were closed for the night. Trapped inside behind the snowblower, he was too afraid to come out. A few neighbor girls and our youngest daughter were trying to assist in the rescue plans, gathering the bunny eventually, containing it in a bucket in the hope of walking it back to the forest nearby for its return to his mommy and family den. 

In a flash though, this jackrabbit baby bunny jumped out of the bucket, resuming its position behind the snowblower again. No more bucket for them! Instead one of them saw the mesh bug carrying case on the shelve nearby and concluded he would fit in it. He did!

Off they went to continue their rescue and return to the forest plans with full success. Happy hearted girls were the delightful result from their most logically accomplished, and good deed of the day. 

- 8 - I'm thankful for more seafood during my recent trip to my sisters. The photo above was snapped at Aquidneck Lobster Co. at Fatullis' Wharf, in Newport, Rhode Island.

Here I go again, I know, I know, and for your seafood haters, I'm sorry but I just had to load this incredible photo I was able to snap with my cell phone, when the guy held up this huge lobster for all to see.

On their wharf, evidence of their lobster traps were visible for all to see, their hauls huge within their water region.  I snapped this photo during our sailing adventure.

Below, this is the restaurant portion of the wharf, where my sister and I were able to have a bite of dinner the night before on this very deck. The fish swimming round the bottom of the deck area were incredible to watch by nightfall, schools of small fish in large masses, all parading about in complete unison.

 It was great to watch and salute the sunset, in a place we two sisters never thought we'd end up together in our travels. I loved playing tourist in Newport, what a great place with all the mansions, the cliff walk, the sail boating, and finding such a huge campus of "Salve Regina" along our journey. Wow!

- 9 -  I'm thankful for later evenings in summer, when the ATV comes round, and everyone gets to whiz about through our forest trails. 

 These driving and trail beating sessions are always welcome, as they keep the trails clear from regrowth, and larger upkeep maintenance. Besides, everyone is having so much fun out there, so it's a win-win for all.   

- 10 - I'm thankful for another successful, and safe horse show, where our daughter competed against 28 other riders in all the events of this day. She had some tough competition, but overall she placed well for the amount of riders involved. 

Her earned ribbons were; a 6th, 7th, and an 8th, respectable considering she entered brand new divisions, with her horse not having competed at this particular venue before, so the unknown is always tricky with how the horse will behave. She had to memorize her ten-jump courses, all varied and ever-changing, within each category, so accuracy for remembering where to go in sequence is always judged and graded. 


We are always so proud of her ability to challenge herself to newer goals and aspirations. This day, she was very pleased with everything, even if just for the great experience of all things new to her. Having her horse actually take each jump as directed by her, well, that was a big plus factor.
(photo courtesy of Keiko Photography) 

And so ends one more "Ten Things I'm Thankful For", always varied (like I promised), and so very random to be sure. 

Have yourself a wonderful weekend everyone!