Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fun with Nature #25 - Watch where you put your hand!

(Fun with nature take along guide)

 Our back deck stair handrail has been really great for hanging on to, specially when we hoist things up and down from deck to back garden.

It came as a complete surprise one day last month when I went to grab this same railing, and to  my utter surprise, get a load of what was resting there. This guy was no doubt trying to camouflage himself. Ha, whoa, I almost placed my entire hand right over him! He was big too. Yikes!

Out came our nature guides, and try as we might, we still haven't fully been able to identify him! 

He's a strange one, not really falling into any category we've read about thus far. WE thought sure he was a toad, but alas, he looks more like a "gray treefrog", as in the photo below taken from our "fun with nature" guide.

Imagine that! Not a toad, rather a tree frog? Of course one can tell from the book that's a tree frog, but not at all when viewing the live version on my stair railing. Wow! Who would've thought...

So, watch where you put your hand on that stair rail! You might be in for quite a surprise...

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