Monday, November 12, 2012

Gardening; shortly before autumn came to call...

Yes, you are seeing correctly! 

The green tarp above is the holding place for plants. And, not just any plants. But, all the plants in our garden beds surrounding the back decks. 

What a huge job it was! 

NO surprise though, we knew it would be huge, and wow, was it ever. I began solo, with shovel in hand, scooping off the bark mulch resting on top of the beds. Removing what I could, it was put aside until all was complete, and then the plan was to set it back upon the freshly (played in) dug dirt. 

Did I say solo? Oh yes, for a while I just got to work, carving and digging up all the bushes, flowers, and shrubs which had overgrown this garden bed, and then hauled them to the tarp for safe keeping until later on in the day. 

Some of them were ultra heavy, a test of strength to be sure.

Now working side by side with our youngest son, when the beds were absolutely empty, like an artists' canvas, we began anew to restructure them all. 

Overgrowth in the near future was expected some two years before, and I knew full well there would come a day when this task would be necessary to accomplish. 

The beds were carved up to three feet wider, and the temptation to get er done was here and now, with ground frost warning hovering up ahead. 

Some of the plants were difficult to remove, and there were six in particular that were absolute "buggers" to budge. It took both of us, with plenty of sweat and elbow muscle to heave, and haul them out of there. I looked upon them later on when resting on the tarp, wondering if I should just let them wither up in the noon day sun. You know, get rid of them and now. But, they are full of lovely color in autumn, and those fire bushes had to remain...somehow. 

Yep, beginning anew, the beds were completely redesigned... 

Enlisting the help of our youngest daughter later on, her duty was to move the remaining bark mulch, bucket by bucket load. Watching out for slivers, she did a mighty fine job. 

By the end of our day, night fall in fact, we were barely walking, water logged at best. The unexpected high temperatures of the day made it increasingly difficult to attempt to complete the project, though somehow we managed to do just that. 

My hubby arrived home some eight hours later, realizing and watching the tail end of all that labor intensive detailing. 

Waiting for me was a margarita in his hand once he called the project to a full finish on our behalf..... Does he know me, or what?  

There was only one regret. I failed to capture the garden beds as they were once we had completed the task. And, then when the frost came, they all looked rather dismal for what they could have been for a lovely photo. I'm hopeful for a better photo opportunity in spring, and will happily show you how it all ended up. Promise. :) 

Onward to another day....

The following day, we realized seven yards of soil was a bit much for what we required, so further work kept us moving. One load at a time, we were able to use up the remaining mound with a protective tarp over it, spreading it out on the property where required, to fill up sparse areas either sunken or in need of some loving. 

Hubby followed along when we were done with grass seed, hoping the birds wouldn't attack all of it this year. 

What we didn't expect were those chipmunks to come and raid the seeding! Crazy rodents!

In the background, you can see our son working his way toward the pile for yet another load. He was such an incredible worker, and huge helper to mom. Project completed, it was time to treat him! He liked that too.