Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stampin on tiles (making coasters)

With the help of a perfect (for me) rubber stamp and some perfectly colored (for me) craft ink, I had so much fun recently making these new tiled coasters for our family room. 

After a few practice rounds, I perfectly the placement of the rubber stamp, added the smaller "Dream" stamp for wording, let the ink dry for about an hour, and then protected everything using a spray varnish. 

This particular type of tile, is the very same as the one currently in my kitchen, over my countertops, and my hubby thought it would be fun, someday, to perhaps customize a few tiles within the setting there. 


The final step towards completion was cutting a square of self mounting felt (Walmart), cut to size and adhered to the backing for protection of surfaces from scratches. 


Lovely new custom made coasters!