Tuesday, February 26, 2013

(Many) grandchildren photo opportunity attempts...

They gathered for a play date at a local park. 

The weather was spring-like, unlike here, so the first thing I noticed were the brightly colored rain jackets and rubber boots. No, we can't wear those yet, or surely frost bite will happen in a jiffy. 

My how they've all grown! 

These are our grandchildren, all were visiting in one place, at the same time. 

Wow, all ten!

These sweeties are ages almost one year to thirteen years. 

Ever try to get ten children to smile all at once?  No easy feat, that's for sure!

Our three year old granddaughter wasn't going to take her hands from her eyes, not once. It's okay though, it's happened before with another so it's just a phase. One day...

Aren't they just a lovely bunch? 

Love them ALL so VERY dearly...