Tuesday, February 05, 2013

memorable blogging rollbacks

If you suddenly find yourself a bit inundated with memory rollback blog posts in the near future from me, I apologize in advance, but please know it's not meant to become a spam type of reading for you. 

Oh, please; I can fully assure that there will never be spam coming from this blog expressly to annoy you. :)

If there's one thing I've realized this past year when reviewing blog posts I come across while editing newly biyearly publishing efforts of this blog's keepsakes books, it's visually becoming aware (and gobsmacked!)over the many important intimate family moments, left off the blog either intentionally at that time, or very unintentionally during a blogging hiatus. 

Blurb has a special on right now, 25% off until next week. It's definitely proved to be my most preferred blog book publishing company, one I've used now to publish all eleven of my blogging family keepsake books. 

As I've decided this special offer is "carrot enough" to bring on one more wonderful hardcover possibility to the family bookshelf, and after scrolling through most of last year's photos, we've decided there were quite a few omitted which we want included within those next blog book pages, the end result which ends up being a richly recorded family legacy, loaded with heartfelt remembrances. 

The timeline of photos I'm reviewing for inclusion into the next blog book will come from June-December 2011, therefore, a little warning that any posts you may suddenly find popping up in your readers though dated as such (2011), may still show up as a 'current post'. 

If you incur a sudden flood, instead of scratching your head in wonder, just smile and offer me the grace I require to continue onward with the success of this new blog book project endeavor. 

Won't you please walk along side of me, meandering down the road towards those precious important family places and times? 

Come take my hand, and waltz or skip with me along the memory paths to come...

Thank you in advance, and blessings to you;Renee