Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sometimes all you need is a little...

... cheerleading, and some prayerful support.

(photo courtesy of West Park)

I mentioned in yesterday's post, that my husband is currently in progress with week 2 of his respiratory rehabilitation this week, with another 3-4 (more or less) weeks until he steps over the finish line.  

Do you recall me mentioning quite a while back that my husband was a type of poster boy for the hospital's upcoming fundraising, where they will build a new addition onto the rehabilitation hospital for more respiratory and other types of rehabilitation?

"I Can Breathe"
... isn't that a great slogan, and for him - ain't that the truth.

These weeks ahead will continue to become more intense. They consist of 12 hour scheduled days, plus all the other health monitoring that usually goes along with being in a rehabilitation hospital. No one there can be ill, or appear to be getting unwell in any stage of their stay. Therefore, the monitoring exists because people depend on their neighbor to keep them well while there. 

Last week included an entire shopping list of grueling and often times ultra tough medical testing to update the staff and get recorded on his file at the hospital. 

Being an inpatient has its perks, sometimes not. Day one included a sleep test overnight, and really, does anyone sleep while having that? So, day two began with utter exhaustion, and the continuation of pulmonary testing to wear out any ordinary person who isn't plagued with lung issues at all. 

Lots and lots of test results will be rolling in over the course of the next few days, and weeks. The specialized sputum testing went to Winnipeg, Manitoba and can take up to three months! Patience helps when these types of tests are necessary, for the duration of the rehab. and beyond. 

If you can spare a prayer and some cheerleading, we would be very grateful.