Monday, September 04, 2006

Gifts of summer preached.

Practising what I preach is at an all time peak these days.

The "gifts" of summer are still upon us,
naturally at hand for the enjoyment for al

Today, we were eager to get outdoors and suck back some breezy air.

Don't you wish you were here with us?

Flippity Flop

Off to our favorite

Beach Spot

My new towel, my very own!

Sand and Surf

Daddy flipflops

Mommy flipflops

Sonny flipflops

Gal flipflops

Bunny flipflops

Baby flipflops

Nest treasures


Splish splash

These eyes!!! The FLY

Digging deep

Mermaid sculptures

I want one of those....someday

Rest time

Skipping rock collection

His and Her new towels

Imagine that - Hawaii?